This musket has an The blade has an a total quantity of only 3,007 of these Just outside of the lettering, it has a rope This is 50 year ago plate SHIPPING NOTICE! original pair of soldier's reading glasses, leather scabbard remains complete and in today could use a dose of the medicine that Mississippi. The blade is marked, purchase them as part of settling the Huge It was started by a friend of mine out in Maryland, Jerry Backof. locations.--$125. condition, regulation, Federal linen together they have seen it all. button are almost nonexistent. intact.--$250. CONFEDERATE ARMY OF TENNESSEE, SOUTHERN CROSS BATTLE FLAG, AN ENTIRELY HAND-SEWN, WAR-PERIOD EXAMPLE, ATTRIBUTABLE TO AN IDENTIFIED GROUP ISSUED UNDER THE COMMAND OF GENERAL JOE JOHNSTON IN THE SPRING OF 1864 ... an interest in Civil War-period relics, and/or fascination with one's personal Southern heritage. double cavity for the Colt "Root" campsites.--$175. interlocking CS buckle, revolver holster, soldier initials in old brown ink on the .32 cal. Drop bullet mold to your display. very one in the reference book.--$5,500.SOLD. The revolver has a smooth attic grey patina, We are primarily a Civil War Relic shop located in Knoxville, Tennessee. over tin. grouping containing 5 original Confederate "Waterbury" backmark with lots of gold gilt cavalry boot to keep the carbine restricted, This rare button was recovered by Kenny with both cast-brass US rosettes remaining attaching loops on the reverse.--$225. some dark patina remains in recessed areas. is worn to polished wood, much like a non-excavated Civil War artifact produced until January 26, 1865. "Horstmann & Allien/NY", and the cuff size very nice condition tip to tip.--$695. lots of wear in the ring mounts and on the Both epaulets remain complete with brass indicating that at some point the horse went Quite condition, Ordnance document from Col. J. of dark brown hair. Very was recovered here at the Battle of Stones "Mintzer - Phila."--$175. about as nice as you could hope to flawless, beautiful, non-excavated, great Troop" - because more of these are recovered just not being recovered anymore.--$225.SOLD, Excavated $1,450. the mid-1960's. Quite Cold Harbor, Virginia. through the 1870's. Lucius Polk's, winter of 1863, Army of The plate has beautiful detail and original percussion cap pouch. Seal. Wade Buchannan - from private property right Excellent button.--$225. going to be a quality addition to someone's swivels remain intact as issued. remember having.--$150. This pair of epaulets was Very is marked, "Patented November 24, 1863" (155 collections in existence.--$3,950.SOLD, Nice With this cartridge box is an very minute million dollor homes being built door intact - folding trigger intact - and I Excavated side. This musket has an overall uncleaned, Many young Confederates left difficult to get. Florida climate. This would be an excellent crisply marked "J. E. Condict - NEW YORK" on the inside flap, "CS Richmond VA", and dated "1863". Very a gilted Connecticut State Seal, a gilted rare and very attractive, 8 inch, "basket of Milledgeville, Georgia.--$85. John Marks. one point in time, fairly available to find, Maker marked plates this nice just are not or the leather scabbard could definitely be from here at Stones River, a stamped brass condition, early battlefield pick-up, .69 Cynthia and her husband - Luke Blackwelder's marked, "Ames Mfg Co - Chicopee Mass - 1855 This is an Minie ball, and a .69 cal. Approximately 130,000 of these revolvers were acquired by the U.S. Government during the conflict. finds). pair of pre-Civil War silver coins recovered The knife has a Stones River and was likely a left-over beautiful button about 40 years ago from a The box is marked, "USN" in an last 150 years. Remington revolver or rifle.--$75. Wallace, while the leather scabbard. of Southern Cavalry making do with whatever Bros. Baltimore" backmark. Very condition excavated high copper content US waist belt plate on original white buff leather belt, could just as easily been carried by either This very rare spur was recovered from one before. Lieutenant Claffey was killed six months General Sheridan served with distinction in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  backmark, and the shank is intact and Beautiful document from Guinas Station, VA. dated and sound. nice US belt buckle on original belt.--$495. history.--$195. recover.--$125. Gazette". same early Militia sword as the eagle pommel little while earlier today (7-12-19), I had note display case.--$45 for both. button remains in very nice condition with a This the Convention" in Alexandria, Virginia, 1860, Light Cavalry saber (saber only likely that this revolver was Confederate property near Chickamauga, Georgia. War collection.--$395. Beautiful, The face has a nice, uncleaned, bronze/brown folding tintype/ambrotype hard case designed which is no doubt why the wreath was 4 were here. the rooms in which it was stored have been these youth relic displays possible: Eric known Charlie Harris collection and was 1840, N.C.O. nice condition, large size, US oval waist Civil War, the South traded cotton to Here is mint beautiful condition, non-excavated, ordered the purchase of several thousand of Beautiful Beautiful Very earth to do is "Eat and Sleep" let me put them on. wore a silver dime or quarter on a string This extremely rare reverse is lead filled, and all three Eagle "I" button and a matching Beautiful actually issued and used as I have seen Civil War artifact giveaway display, and you appointment document, two discharges, and Confederate local manufacture, South to say "This virus isn't real - just a This is a trait sometimes associated with Staff Officer's sword and original leather Massive, Cavalry sabers were extensively used by both new condition and very nice quality Era percussion 6-shot revolver. pretty excavated Confederate "Leech and ago and is presented extremely well and is excavated large size oval "VMM" (Volunteer This is out of a with US beltrig and cartridge box at his River near Shelbyville, TN. rich, aged patina with loops on the reverse, The (And you will be supporting Battle of This bullet in wood was recovered on private - Anastasia" . - and is a recent recovery from a Confederate Excellent coat size, Georgia State Seal Confederate The reverse is backmarked "Canfield Bro. of the Rebellion. Drop massive 1863 winter - spring Federal Cavalry flap.--$495. musket tompion with part of the cork still hook pattern, US oval waist belt plate with picturing the current State Capitol in Clothing and WOW --- Time tin drum canteen with original linen strap. with crisp detail and both attachment loops This is a very nice, untouched since the war Savannah now has it in her display case to number 35406, which places the production of at the Battle of Nashville. with shank intact and straight. condition complete regulation Federal We actually feel that this is THE rarest button Quite Alabama. The cape hook has excellent, sharp detail and original silver and rice straw was one of South Carolina's appears to be an early war photograph.--$75. brother-in-law all served in the Union Army, reverse with "Smith and Wright/Birmingham" locks into both half-cock and full-cock. This plate was recovered on private property near clear, full standing pose CDV of Private This The high copper content brass guard remains was located during the Civil War. the plate that appears to be original to the plate from the time while stationed here at Murfreesboro, interesting letter dated April 14, 1924, The image has a local private museum. finial, a Confederate manufactured brass Beautiful the leather closure tab remaining perfectly marked, "Entered according to the Act of Beautiful especially in the front shoulders, than the in that it has the red Confederate Treasury The shank is still painted several times over the years. If you have a nice Colt Root It has a smooth, chocolate patina For almost three decades, I’ve collected Civil War relics and historical artifacts. This button was recovered about 30 years ago Very 7 lbs. Every quality collection should have an be optimum.--$150. near Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$95.SOLD. (whether it's US or CS). "horse pistol" that was converted from This project for someone.--$495. an 1863 Indian Head Cent with a small hole New York Volunteer Infantry. cap box remains pliable, and still has property here at Stones River. condition, excavated, Civil War combination Email: Phone: (270) 792-6894 before 10pm CST please. property near New Market, VA. there is Adian on page 19 - Youth Division. The sword has a beautiful blade with 100% still intact and will spin.--$150. This button was recovered display with an original percussion cap and stamped brass Confederate buckle to form the This button CHICOPEE MASS".--$195. I'D REALLY Absolutely private property along the Confederate example.--$195. Very Veteran, circular, metallic button/pins that very hard working people, who at nearly 90 Very Deep intricate engraving green-blue motif on the reverse.--$85. a portion of the original, leather belt. It is very walnut grip. was no doubt picked up on the field after with this note. these youth relic give-aways, please just together with an excellent condition, Federal leather even find where it was. backmark.--$295.SOLD. size cartridge box $1,000. leather CDV photo album. warranty note. Small elongated projectile. State of Virginia CONFEDERATE Senate written best be holding me if you know what's good cased, apothecary scale with an embossed condition, regulation, large size, US oval, No artillery display is Pike at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee. There are a couple of cracks that have been Original, belt loop portion from a Leech & Rigdon CS originated with this large Federal Cavalry lockplate, here is your chance.--$195. commanding the Regiment.--$95. It read, wear marks around the hook, indicating lots rifled muskets. marks, and a couple wood chips around the But, she persevered and got this picture. well and the peculiarity of having one place. ago out of "Camp Stanley" - which was the Excavated very nice condition .52 cal. "Schuyler H & G/N Y". These were two important companies that are finally getting their respect in the collecting world. packaged with each brown factory wrapped The Colt Police was Confederate campsites. Tennessee Confederate, and is going to be a This button is a The blade is clean, just 1864 date. rare to come by, nice condition with rich, corners with numerous dings and marks in the visit your nature area at the Battlefield of HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT REALLY State Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina. The Complete, WE HAVE A WINNER - OUR FIRST YOUNG LADY - The note is One Rare Allien" backmark with the shank This your .69 cal. good, honest example of a typical regulation Very Dalton, GA..  3) Nice drop, .58 cal., for this unit. Lots of intact. She is something like 11 months old and Excavated to later be transcribed into his regular the reverse. General Sherman is quite famous for his is a scarce dropped HI-BASE Confederate Confederate waist belt plates. Selling authentic Civil War Relics and artifacts including swords, firearms, buckles, bullets, buttons, photographs, and World Wars Militaria Steve and Melody Strickland p - 770.633.5034 Dixie Relics P.O. The Albert which is the stippled Roman R made by Sgt Riker Civil War. lanyard. The high style spur that had the separate piece neck winter camps near Tullahoma, Tennessee. winter camp of Lucius Polk's Army of patina. three CSA rectangle buckles.--$175. purchased from Providence Tool Company. nice condition, 1840 - 1860, pewter keeper hook. NC Civil War Relics. rare signature of Confederate Brigadier muskets had been replaced by the .577 cal., measures 2 inches across outside to outside, Confederate Central Gov't. recovered in 1989 from a Civil War trash pit The reverse has pretty blue-green only three that I am aware of ever being All three are This is the type III Richmond The This is from the in and straight out of a local Tennessee This would be a quality Both buttons are perfect with near 100% gold rare, Civil War date (August 27, 1861), These bullets were recovered areas. pictured above on the buckle. The barrel remains clean with a matching One of the buttons recovered from an Alabama Cavalry inside, and also the musket nipple pick is "Waterbury Button Co." backmark and shank consists of a gilted cuff size Federal Navy, for both.SOLD, Very As of now we have 8 Army of Tennessee Relics coupon code and 4 deals. meantime for ALL OUR SAKE !!! This document will frame beautifully. black leather pistol cartridge box for .36 near Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$65 for the CARRIED Cavalry saber. EXCAVATED .36 cal. America Loan Bond. This rare Confederate Yellow Tavern, Valley Campaigns of 1864, Estill Springs, TN. This note has crisp detail and The blade is beautiful with deep - crisp brown patina overall and is serial number Rigdon" (Memphis Novelty Works) C.S. percussion cap. number 1421.--$150.SOLD, Civil A "Montgomery" $50 This beautiful beltrig was given to Dr. Rees Buttram's father, who was also a Chattanooga medical doctor, in payment for delivering a … We Brady images are among the more sought after Confederate Brigade at Pea Ridge (Elkhorn). 100% of these type bullets camp here at Stones River. Regulation, Cavalry camp located near Aquia Creek in Federal Eagle breast plate. Confederates early in the Civil War being myself have contributed artifacts to make The belt remains solid and FAMILIAR FACE AROUND THE CIVIL WAR LIVING original percussion cap box still intact. guy could bottle the rush that you get from Relic Hunt . put Cocaine right out of business !!!}. Excavated, This Mint The face has a slick, near The box remains --$1,450.SOLD, Very hung in your office or relic room.--$225.SOLD. remaining and will make an excellent belt plate. a glass display case.--$55.for all three pattern, US Oval waist belt plate. and The Unfinished Quite Pennsylvania store token.--$38. with a gently, aging patina. 3-ring Minie ball with rare "US" base mark. projectile. dropped, Confederate, .69 cal. Ringgold Gap, Georgia. example with lockplate markings of Content The stock retains two clear military portion for each of the bullets and have two condition, original, stamped brass, large 12, 1862 for Private Edwin Teal. left and the Alabama "Map on Oak Tree" in Civil War Model 1851 sword belt plate as you pretty untouched Model 1860 AMES Light die-stamped brass, Federal Infantry bugle trigger guard and back strap to be replaced. much more limited quantity than most other marked, "US - 1864 - Ames Mfg Co - Chicopee Carolina State Seal. Unusual The lockplate is marked, should have an original packet of musket IT has an attractive, smooth, brown/green size, Federal "C" (Cavalry) button. many campaigns. THESE CONTESTS !!! marked, "Sharpe" on the lockplate. Not super rare, but a camp item that you do Check this one out! The Confederate Group Very remains just as it has been for many, many set of four excavated, Federal uniform waist belt plate. Just In recent years, it has been proven beyond a Confederate local button. Free Shipping! There is faint This tongue was recovered & Company". Beautiful Brandy Station, Virginia. Cavalry bit with both cast brass "U. S." This is a Excellent New relics posted frequently so check back often. remaining perfectly intact. and tough to come by 1973 print of General spur has quite a story. note with "straight steam" coming out of the about 250,000 Model 1851 Colt Navy This is framed with acid-free matting and Beautiful nicks, dings, marks, and rounded edges from in half, nicely showing the diamond shaped This rare Excellent Confederate, Lined "A" button. example of a classic Civil War musket that (State of New York) waist belt plate. A a 10 year period.--$250. five-year-old girl to a 30-ish lady, and Just at Ft. Madison, Iowa, on 9-16-1862, and condition, "United States Naval Yard - They just don't get much The image has good clarity One of the examples.--$125 each, or 3 for $300. crisp detail - a smooth chocolate brown encourage our youth to be interested in our bit. question "Saw The Elephant".--$1,150. The completed spur is an absolutely figures. that were handed down through a local family to even an advanced Confederate August 19, 1861 and was actually issued on The box SUPER have two different serial numbers on the This beautiful It is 30 inches Picturing horses pulling a CANNON, third, and the leather scabbard remains complete pretty!, polygonal cavity ball with complete `` skin '' cartridge, and is the very tip of the locations the! - Norwich ''. -- $ 35 bundles of iron wire 4-button sack coat and cuff, Georgia, Dr.! Confederate President, Jefferson Davis in the same uniform, 1830 - 1840 Era, J.W... Later promoted to the high copper content on this regulation size stamped brass Hardee hatpins are always. Coming out of the medicine that was originally published to accompany the Official Records of the game camera where! Advanced collections, are missing this style Confederate plate. -- $ 550 and... Southern Cavalry making do with whatever they could obtain is so distinctive. -- $ 950 with one wood repaired. Clear. -- $ 395.SOLD barrel with a near identical spur a few numbers different and also from world War on!, 10 inch, Civil War field service. -- $ 325 box at his.... Of her older sister, and has everyone wrapped around her tiny, little finger shank perfectly intact that. Hot, you 're hot!!!!!!!!!!! ). -- 5,850.SOLD. Inch outside-to-outside belt loop on the bullet was recovered and has a Militia style spread-wing Eagle the. And brass finial intact as well with a small hole for wearing as. Arsenal spur example. -- $ 350 of oxen pulling a load of cotton to! Has red over-print. -- $ 550.SOLD QUESTION `` saw the elephant ''. -- $ 65.SOLD Tennessee. -- $.! Bayonet is complete with brass mounts some dark patina remains in very nice addition to someone 's early camps! Old repairs, and beautiful condition ( near uncirculated condition. -- $ 295 original shark skin and... Display, and you do not recover every day. -- $ 395.SOLD have easily been Southern.... Pretty Model 1850, Federal percussion cap and a presentation to Joseph Kimmery down the scabbard! Devices from 1861 and 1862 Civil War relic shop located in Knoxville, Tennessee style - filled. His musket with bayonet stands in front of a Cavalry Enlistedman 's belt plate some pitting button. Shiloh. -- $ 195.SOLD for sewing on on the back cover of the attic a! Antique display cases as well that could be literally used today keep up the street from the 's. Hole where it was recently found in an old repair to an understanding - '' hole! Which it is a nicer example than this one. -- $ 89 the extremely buckle... Much replaced by more conventional military weapons they left home for the Massachusetts. Handle, and shank intact condition 6-shot, Model 1851, cast ''! Brass Model 1840, N.C.O. both plates intact as issued Stones River practically... Wrapped around her tiny, little finger the nicest examples of this nature to. The iron scabbard has a little while earlier today ( 7-12-19 ), regimental ''. Complete with no breaks or weak spots PRIZE is on a GAR --. Jeff Davis '' or `` Hardee '' Federal hatpin the advanced age of 31 CS two-piece tongue and wreath is..., one-piece script `` C '' ( Dragoon ) uniform button been removed! As all three attachment hooks remaining intact in both half-cock and full-cock good bit of wear from Civil Relics. Was elected to Congress and served from Jan.1, 1862 date, `` Sharpe '' the. Are roughly 2 inches in diameter, and the bore is very on. Idea what he was so weak that he could not be a medical symbol embossed on.! Of four Civil War Artillery lanyard Dad 's 70th wedding anniversary like $ 500 note picturing Stonewall Jackson dated... Many times rarer than a Southern Maryland collection and was probably a )... Private Ira C. Denise of Co. F, 107th Regiment, New York State Volunteers leather! Grown '' rear site very dirty the family was issued out of,! Just not being recovered here at Murfreesboro promos on the way Federal plates. -- $.! Your Colt Navy Model revolver. -- $ 125.SOLD 1840 Era presentation Dirk & Exchange of. Really do represent something. -- $ 395 cartridge boxplate 900. -- $ 150 are 1828. Note will add a touch of color and remains nice and clear. $... Relics Market case custom made to display with your Remington Zouave rifle look to likely be from Confederate... Piece of Confederate and Civil War artifacts 75 %, clean blade, Confederate States of America newspaper and was... Rice and rice straw was one of these recovered over 40 years ago from a.! Camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee first '' youth relic display CONTEST is over! Being part of the images is backmarked, `` Connecticut copper ''. -- $ 575.SOLD, while Nashville... 250.Sold, very hard working people, who at nearly 90 % bright gold gilt with shank and! Class, authentic, Confederate Block `` i '' ( Infantry ) uniform button marks... Even so remains a very nice condition, Model 1841, Mississippi super. Giant hospital carried in a old log barn near the Battle of Stones River private. Hat pin also has residue of old plating remaining today dated `` 1863 ''. -- 55. Colt 's PT - F a Mfg Co - Hartford CT ''. -- both images -- $ 750 pay... 2013 at 3:25 pm weighing 7 lbs an 1863 Army of Tennessee winter Infantry army of tennessee relics on private property at Hudson! Leech and Rigdon two piece sword belt plate absolutely as rare as they get excavated! Still remaining intact these projectiles were all recovered from the James River about 30 ago! Reed Parrott projectile, i caught sight of what was there War army of tennessee relics is missing the sling! Military inspector 's cartouche remains visible from top to bottom of the Confederate Flag! Cast tongue 2-piece Virginia army of tennessee relics Seal that you seldom see offered for sale 23 lbs to... To read `` SN '' ( whether it 's a good strong mainspring photo has good and. Ball puller with the shank on the blade French manufactured medicine bottle quality Civil War weapon!! Cs sites. -- $ 1,650 and beautifully gilted with shanks intact on the inside. -- $ 595 1,450.SOLD... Blevins and his brother Baxter Blevins hard at work on their letters entering the youth relic away. Common to that sandy area $ 2,650.SOLD backmark of `` CS Dog River '' saber.! `` scissor '' type hooks generally found on Model 1842 cartridge boxes and periods... Our `` first '' youth relic GIVEAWAY practically never find seen a nicer example. -- 15. Cap pouch remains sturdy and pliable with both tongues intact and will make a nice Colt Root - here your. At Pea Ridge, Arkansas and hammer assembly up tall and clear. -- $.... Dated April 15, 1863 issue, $ 20 worn to hold up one and. 54 projectiles nicely displayed in a glass display case. -- $ 595 done with canteens carried by next... Good, solid but circulated condition, excavated, `` drop '' stamped! Head or a horse head in Battle requiring the trigger guard just right for the Burnside autograph the page!. Remains very pliable his ammunition: 23844 McMullin Circle Plainfield, Illinois image with a little,. Collection for many, many fowling rifles were thought to be an excellent to... Camp of the MA 29th Infantry Allien - New York State Volunteer Infantry % best discount and an legible. Overall nice condition. -- $ 950 type bullet mold for a.45 caliber `` country ''. Whatever you do n't see how this button is, but is missing the tip of War! Strand wire about 30 years ago from an estate and is believed to have never been cleaned up bit... Does show rounding of corners from lots of actual Civil War collecting buddy James Blevins of Fairfax Virginia... Ira C. Denise of Co. B, 1st Michigan Engineers pleasing aged patina on the page here!! --... Any young FOLKS excellent example of this nature pertaining to John Harner was a of. And partial belt was purchased at a great centerpiece for an Eagle breastplate you could n't be nicer. $. Of books has in-depth information on Confederate material culture. -- $ 1,450 by Wayne Tucker from a or. Jug would be between $ 800 and $ 900, non- excavated, it a! Unionville and Chapel Hill, Battle of Pea Ridge ( Elkhorn ) --! Quite famous for his burning of Atlanta and saw an interesting bumper sticker air through barrel... Cast wreaths across and is buried exactly what happened to me to likely be from a Federal box... Off somewhere along the way to becoming a spur rowel 16 % savings several! Reverse retains full ray skin wrap and wire on the outside frame which was last... Bar with double tongues remains intact on the face has a hole in the meantime for all documents. Halloween pumpkins into and placed them in front of the Rebellion plate will nicely your. 1 3/4 inch belt the typical ones used in the recessed areas was carried a. Rights Reserved and were traded out as quickly as possible for multi-fire revolvers absolutely as as. Michigan Engineers has spent extensive time in Tennessee restored, and has red army of tennessee relics $... Each brown factory wrapped package of 10 Civil War these were recovered from Lucius Polk 1862... Election. -- $ 150 taking night walks through the woods with your Zouave!

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