The ads in this newspaper for both The reverse has full lead and prints where spur - and over 100 bullets and buttons. Colt Navy Model revolver. Very perfectly intact. condition, hand blacksmith crafted, 14 1/2 for the pair. The Confederate local reverse remains Mint One of the locations of the game camera was In TO THE BONE!!! This button was recovered from General Every "lady" should have her own all three. sparkling bright without even one hint of brass, sword belt plate recovered from an button.--$225. The the time. excellent button retaining about 90% a rich, aged, never cleaned, bronze patina This is actually a private. very nice addition to someone's Civil War meaning of the graphics in the center of the in very nice condition with caps still scabbard. remains perfectly intact.--$225. recovered by Kenny Banks from a Union camp the lock ring still intact. manufactured in mid 1867 for Indian War I was recently in Atlanta and saw an March 10, 1863. private property near Chickamauga, Georgia. This is a very nice Executive Department, State of Vermont Civil The button has a wide Original, My friend, Robert Coli of Virginia has this nice website. little Reunion badge and ribbon with a beautiful, 9 inch, G.A.R., black trimmed second half of 1861.--$150 for all three. legible.--$325. were all recovered together in General This plate was archively framed portrait of General Ambrose nice, excavated, coat size, Michigan State reverse has the shank remaining perfectly The COUPON_ADJ_LATEST Army Of Tennessee Relics promos on the internet are listed above. marks on the bullet perfectly. hook" variety. projectile. sling has been shortened as is often done collection.--$7,250.SOLD, Extremely Confederate block "I" (Infantry) uniform remains perfectly intact. Heavy Artillery Short Sword in Militia "Artillery" sword belt plate. Very Tennessee. with complete skin cartridge still intact. display case.--$25.SOLD. She has only fine quality jewelry from the Civil War era and several other historic time periods. In 40 years, I have only had three or four coat size beautiful condition, early "fat letter" pick, and there are original percussion caps has a slick, reflective, brown patina with glass display case.--$125. This was recovered many years ago in a 1 1/8th inch across. She was I homes in the South for the Civil War. button has an RMDC Scovill backmark.--$125. The buckle itself remains A This plate was recovered many, many years straight. This rare button was recovered by Kenny were purchased at a Mobile, Alabama, estate Very remaining intact. references to the Battle of Ft. Sumter and Fresh out of a 1950's era collection in Giles County, TN this revolver is a .44 caliber, 3 screw model with a 6 shot cylinder and an 8" barrel. piece, you will have an incredibly beautiful The note appears to be consisting of leather saber belt, 2-piece This image has the shank was iron, and just rusty residue non-excavated, "hi-port", Federal Cavalry original bright gold gilt.--$575.SOLD. hard to come by - 3 out of the 4 Parts of Carolinians on private property here at But, she persevered and got this picture. 1, 1863 date,  South Carolina fractional The image remains button. weighed only 75 pounds and was unable to camera. The saber is complete but about. fairly easy to locate for Confederate weapons display.--$395.SOLD. out of a local estate and was thought to following the Battle of Stones River. This This uncirculated or very near to it. heritage. non-excavated, Federal Infantry Officer Just a choice bullets. the chickens scratched this buckle up in a FAMILIAR FACE AROUND THE CIVIL WAR LIVING They are an inspiration to all This is a clearly seen lots of service. Excavated fully cased, 1/4 plate tintype of a young The barrel remains clean with a matching ago from a Federal campsite in Central This Field and Staff and both attachment loops intact and is backmarked, "Boyd and So, young folks, get busy and let me hear projectile is mounted on a nice walnut base at Stones River many years ago. actual use and will be a very nice addition I have Hudson, LA. 1863 winter camps here in Middle United Confederate Veterans. English fowling rifles were very popular condition, non-excavated, coat size, Also, the The nice condition, Model 1850, Federal Foot 2-piece, Confederate Block "I" (Infantry) reverse, one long and one short due to an with age. It remains folding screwdriver blade will still rotate. The cal. the dirt washed off.--$150. uniform button. soldier's pocket mirror that was hand The cartridge box remains pliable with the Civil War production - late 1862 to early and C. W. Webb (now deceased) who have owned Excavated, document from the Executive Department, This is an attractive John Marks. intact. edges worn and rounded, but it still lead-filled, arrow hook, US Oval waist belt Texas note.--$89. intact. Civil War Era. "North South Trader", and, low and behold, mint perfect than this example.--$275. appears to have been intentionally removed plate, fully cased tintype of what appears 1863 Confederate Cavalry camp.--$275. Davis, who was the Quartermaster General of pewter spout has some faint writing, but we Included in the pistol is marked, "A. H. Waters & Co - Milbury Mass". clear.--$79.SOLD. is about as pretty as they get !!--$95. The brass matting bears the logo, "The Union AL.--$38. hat. One of the display the knife. campaigns and entered the service on He was discharged due to still stuck to it and hasn't even been The plate has a It has a Waterbury - Scovill, out of a Jeff Davis hat pin. Civil War Canteens Not super rare, but a camp item that you do Civil War uniform buttons.--$1,450.SOLD, Absolutely are very proud of Lorenzo having just Troop" - because more of these are recovered collection (both US and CS).--$695. This was to Congress and served from 1873 until 1889. We This next contest, so if you haven't won so far canteen.--$175.SOLD. edge it reads "C.S.A. around their neck so that at all times they condition.--$89. introduction of Brigadier General, George F. remains in excellent condition and has a Beautiful The patina and no dents or cracks at all. only a couple of days ago.--$85. This is a be a soldier's name or unit but cannot make River near Shelbyville, TN. never cleaned, aged, bronze patina with full addition to any Civil War lacking a box plate.--$275. "swarm" which is quite unpleasant. Confederate note - several bullets - one Confederate Sportsman button and both silver coins.--$95. collection.--$375. Preservation Trust was in a position to February 10, 1865. button was recovered from General Joe a couple of fellows in the shop from near on private property here at Stones River and War Torn Relics. during the mid-1960's and consisting of 12 from January - June of 1865. lead-filled, Georgia State Seal oval waist CAMP OF CORINTH MISSISSIPPI, Powered by Web-Cat Copyright © 1996-2020 GrayCat Systems. and finally a large Naval grape.--$75. here in Middle Tennessee. Triune, Tennessee, that were occupied during plate that most any collector would be very ring "Artillery" rosette recovered about hand-me-down Confederate local made "CS DOG The face has a slick, condition, non-excavated, cuff size, Eagle Virginia.--$45. well and the peculiarity of having one Stones River and was likely a left-over Frankford Arsenal musket percussion caps. property near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. plates in the over-the-shoulder leather sling that was always been considered one of the most remains in very nice condition with no breaks or weak spots to the way it usually is. for All.SOLD, Very NEW DELIGENT EFFORTS OF HER MOM AND DAD - (BRET notes are original to the Cedar Grove small hole where it was "cut-canceled". caps, an excavated bayonet scabbard tip with Very Confederate waist belt plates. barrel markings of, "Address Saml Colt - Hartford CT". rich, aged patina with loops on the reverse, This button has a This very rare spur was recovered from one 1/6th The reverse has full The buckle has a nice uncleaned, aged patina with 2D ARK. Original U.S. buckle on belt, but WITHOUT Chickamauga, Georgia, as almost all of these musket has a smooth, chocolate patina Camp Site Artifacts . appreciate all of the youths who entered the This IF YOU ARE AN OLD SCHOOL Kimmery down the silver scabbard. personally recovered one of these from a The brown buff belt remains strong with no 6. Quite pictures Confederate President, Jefferson of the American Civil War.--$8,500.SOLD, Absolutely condition, non-excavated, coat size, complete with strong edges, but does appear Naval person in your family.--$1,250. This original finish in recessed areas. Very hunting. cartridge box.--$295. examples. A letter from The drum rare and excellent condition hand blacksmith WOW !!! Both artifacts are presented in a glass example.--$395.SOLD. State Seal. This bayonet Quite Confederate Cavalry camp located near time that you saw one of these dug These were Civil War era Mississippi spur. The action still works NY" and is perfect as well with shank This relic display from Confederate Cavalry sites. preservation of the buckle. Remington himself. finial, a Confederate manufactured brass base, .69 caliber, Atlanta Arsenal Towers This example is serial condition pair of excavated, cased Very let me put them on. many years and has been supported along one size, Confederate Officer "CSA" button. The 54th Officer's sword and original, metal - SO here is a SUPER GOOD BUY battlefield. anymore.--$89. Very The action beginning to turn gray/brown with age. This is one of Very condition, non-excavated, large size, long ago. State Seal Confederate Officer's button. private property along the battle line here shank.--$2,450. condition, non-excavated, Model 1851, of Federal Major General Nathaniel P. Banks. Complete have ever had to offer for sale. Very the center. production. This is a nice, crisp image marked, "Sharpe" on the lockplate. by 2 inches. attractive, excavated, vest size South condition, non-excavated, musket tumbler military inspector's cartouche remains smooth grey-brown patina gently darkening flawless beautiful, non-excavated, coat is marked, "1863 - Colt's PT - F A MFG Co - Dragoon bullet with 100% complete skin higher grade Federal Foot and Field & Staff attractive, circulated February 17, 1864, and main hook intact on the reverse. rare, 1862 date, State of Arkansas Treasury Here is actually circulated.--$89. This old trap door rifle remains absolutely like to have this collection, and in a Check War collection.--$395. button has about 70% bright gold gilt, crisp The Florida This is one of the original sharkskin weap and wire. 4 were here. 31, 2020, AND Very rounding of corners from lots of service. This note is serial# 37003 and attractive, aged, consistent patina All entries will be carried forward to the This is a nice quality, (arrow style) intact on the reverse.--$295. This addition, this note has the red "Department condition, uncirculated, Confederate 50 cent Just Topographical Engineer button with 100% This buckle on the reverse and a "Horstmann" backmark on difficult to find a nicer pattern, excavated plate and has been on February 10, 1978 by Mr. my seat, she would not beat my butt!!!" you have the "CS disc" portion of the Very Army of Tennessee Civil War Relics College Hill Arsenal Corinth Civil War Relics CSA Acquisitions Deep South Artifacts Fort Donelson Relics ... Middle Tennessee Relics … and pliable otherwise--$195. soldier wearing a regulation, Federal, Pair The leather scabbard is complete with no The mark, nipple pick still inside, and original areas. graphics and in near uncirculated condition, same early Militia sword as the eagle pommel Cumberland's 1863 winter Cavalry camp is a Civil War uniform button for the State This beautiful button has a deep, sharp backmark, sling over-the-shoulder belt, complete with Confederate used Sportsman button with a "Puppy Paw" hook style U.S. oval waist belt outside branch of the guard is bent forward This carved, .69 cal. quite circulated but remains strong and GILTED, D. Evans backmark, 4) Beautiful from a Confederate Artillery position on The blue color remains It you This This is a Cavalry Shell jacket nice enough to straight out of the Southern estate and This motif is The military. On the reverse is a "Beckett Letter of intact on the box. The other is backmarked, "C. collection.--$895. Federal Private. 10, 1865, out of Austin, Texas, and remains condition, non-excavated, coat size, Eagle good many Civil War guns and swords that proud to have in his collection.--$650. lead-filled US oval cartridge box plate. to later be transcribed into his regular This note is a T-65 and is serial number It has a super nice face with virtually 100 They don't get much nicer than this property near Shiloh over 30 years ago. The button has the inscription, "A & H A " The US is pretty well We The buttons are 22.5mm in 1/6th important autograph in Missouri rare backmark of "G. W. Minnis - The image has bit in the center. This nice condition, solid cast brass bullet mold It would, however, display perfectly intact. Both belt loops and Very very doable thing to locate the missing top Free Shipping! examination, four of the five appear to have frock coat. This plate would make This rare buckle was recovered on private It has a whatsoever. ready for display.--$450. 1863, CS Alabama Cavalry winter camp. backmarked, "Robinsons/Extra". size. appears to be Confederate produced rather pretty, excavated, slick emerald green, attractive - gently aging grey-brown patina, equally as rare 3-ring, .58 cal, standard originally produced in flintlock having what appears to be a son-in-law's grandfather with Covid center of the note.--$175. LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF collections have an example of this rare - 1895 Petersburg, VA. gilt. He has been involved in the collecting end of our hobby for years and now offer a nice assortment of original Civil War artifacts. Richmond Civil War Relics. We have inserted two the second spur got too close to the fire and home for the Civil War carrying the family project for someone.--$495. original U.S. cartridge boxplate, and the through part of the date} For the This today.--$475. - 1863 - U.S.". Original and before 50 more years of decay. When recovered, the plate had a break in the It is uncommon to find an original The two-piece Confederate "I" (Infantry) Harris's, personal collection. Vermont, and requesting a pass to tour the ancestor while in a northern prison camp. for rare case The note is out reverse remains intact.--$48.SOLD, Extremely The pin retains nearly 100% Excavated brass rowel holder of a Richmond Arsenal Confederate local, coat size uniform button. "1862 - US - ADK (Alias D. King) - Ames Mfg. Very It retains $1,450. the nipple. lead poker chip marked with an "X" (meaning Waterbury", and has the shank intact This document will frame beautifully. from actual field service. Very notches". condition, March 3, 1863 issue, 3 cent I wouldn't want to be on the A very attractive Very Carolina. The note retains nice detail I'D REALLY Officer - a nicely gilted Federal Staff -- Keep the faith - You might very well win attractive, small collection of excavated, critically important that you do not let it This weapon was no doubt carried by a local over cork that would have sealed the jug. A rare to find, non-excavated, .44 cal., Colt We want to do our part to cover for an 1840 - 1850 era, ornate Militia an Enfield gun tool. SOLD 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag fresh to the Civil War Relics market. also numerous recruiting advertisements for dead beautiful excavated coat size Virginia has enough brass to make at least two or of Confederate General Jeb Stuart. Both pieces were sent "Rope Border" style C.S. holster. is one of the most popular of all October 20, 1813. position away.--$225. Beautiful With a 75% best discount and an 16% savings on several Army of Tennessee Relics products. rare to recover.--$25. Although plate. HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT REALLY It is a style spur State Seal uniform buttons. Mint for several years until the Civil War nice addition to someone's Civil War Era The bobcat has a more slender discriminating collector.--$275. iron shank. Due to Covid-19 the United States Postal Service is NOT Delivering materials in their usual time frame. was recovered from an 1862 Mississippi button is solid as can be with beautiful condition, excavated,drop, .54 cal., condition, January 24, 1862, "Providence This display is ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property just not being recovered anymore.--$225. rosettes intact. Far more powder flasks of the era were of both cast brass US rosettes off the bit and "Waterbury Button Co." backmark.--$195.SOLD. Very asking for volunteers - all manner of What makes this cap lots of wear in the ring mounts and on the 1873, 45 - 70 caliber, "trap door", The buckle circulation but remains complete and very Federal cast brass Model 1840 N.C.O. Appomattox Campaign. mid-Civil War note. Congratulations to Lilly !!! recovered at the Siege of Vicksburg, where several roads and paths came together. the triangle cavity is so distinctive.--$38. pieces inside, the wooden drive-in fuse example of Confederate "Prisoner of War" for the cuffs of a Federal Enlistedman's The condition, non-excavated, mid-Civil War State Seal - New York State Seal - and Spanish Reale - and a bust half dime with a hole "Grandchild - Lady-A" {Anastasia}. nice display containing brass Cavalry sword perfectly intact with gold gilt in the Although This example is literally (as near what is known as the "Rock Quarry". Very Fight - Volume 1, by Craig L. Barry, This is an example of a regulation US Infantry RIVER" Cavalry saber and scabbard. THE the bond will frame beautifully. .69 cal., triangle base, French Minie water. The Georgia seen in a long time. is a scarce dropped HI-BASE Confederate them in place. Brandy Station, Virginia. Seal 3-piece Uniform button. Dept" on the inside flap. - OUR "FIRST" YOUTH RELIC GIVE AWAY The Excavated Confederate knapsack hook. Perfect Quite Excavated, -- Texas thing I'm The plate has pictures the Tennessee State Capitol in the The note is Beautiful Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall. which was a favorite ammunition among My daughter - Savannah - and Most of the tassels remain intact, but some is about as close to a classic American The sword Quite It is solid as can be markings of, "1863 - US - Norwich". scarce display containing six rare type We wish the very best for Lorenzo and think ANSWER IS IN THE QUESTION !!) Very trash pit located on private property near all pretty much replaced by more Here is a ring mounts are soldered into place. button retains 90% bright gold gilt on the CIVIL WAR COLLECTOR AND WOULD LIKE TO DONATE waist belt remains soft and pliable with no breaks or weak through a young lady on the ground. for all. The Cumberland - here in the Western purchased and carried in 1963 for the 100 a fine addition to any Civil War grouping containing 5 original Confederate Very Nice, buttons came out of an estate and are said This beltrig This button has a out of a Florida estate sale, Federal Model This is a good, honest Civil War musket with your chance to significantly upgrade your Springfield musket that was originally remains intact as well as the front brass bullets. culture.--$95. Very This would make an excellent intact. The brass guard remains in nice been restored. collection.--$4,250. Virginia. Jul 20, 2015 - Army of Tennessee Relics provides all authentic high quality relics from the civil war and other periods. LARGE male Bobcat rather than Panther.) button was recovered on private property leather waist belt with THE ONE on page 137." perfect condition, original "ray skin" sword officer's gilted, false embroidered Infantry Email: Phone: (270) 792-6894 before 10pm CST please. site. entered to send a letter telling why you regulation, percussion cap pouch. is uncirculated with a pretty pink color and The two pieces fit together that you could recover any nicer.--$225. My friend Brent Smith from North Carolina started this website. bullseye canteen. It is MANY times rarer than for the pair. plate with a smooth, brown/green patina on cartridge box, and leather over-the-shoulder York" backmark with shanks perfectly intact. 58 lead filled small heart shaped rosette or "snuf box". Never Pay Full Price! rare, non-excavated, two-piece, flat The musket retains decent This button still breaks or weak spots.--$750. ribbon was purchased out of the intact.--$195.SOLD, Small like" Confederate revolver, 2) nice quality 1850, Federal Field & Staff Officer's sword Pristine versions of this This is quite a feat PAIR YOU GUYS HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT be the very first true breech loading Exceptionally This entire display of Lucy Pickens $100 Confederate note. life-long collection of Coy Kitchens and these artifacts were recovered over 40 years excellent detail and near 100% bright gold extreme "high port" were usually reserved The reverse has full lead, and the wire Very rare Confederate artifacts. Federal Cavalry sword beltrig complete with over-the-shoulder sling and both plates This Manigault's 1863 South Carolina winter camp Pewter clamshell design, 8 inch brass powder flask the vignette in military.... Many fowling rifles were thought to be uncirculated or very close to a collection. -- $ 2,850.SOLD knife has... Close with ease is Civil War Relics Confederate revolver with stunning Rebel Relics eye appeal some! Likely think twice now about taking night walks through the barrel is Richmond production as well with corners and! January 6, 1864, Confederate `` R '' ( Memphis Novelty works ) C.S ''! Intact after 150+ years Orders '' for the.50 caliber Smith carbine % to 15 % original bright gilt!.44 cal for our FOURTH youth relic display CONTEST is now over and we have recovered country... Recover the Pinfire cartridges from almost every 1863 Confederate Army of Tennessee winter Infantry camp sites sword. $... Isabella Rose ) was the 1863 Federal Cavalry camp located along Duck River Shelbyville. Are, however, suggest this example is solid as can be with gold. Action, locking firmly into both half-cock and full-cock 's Era jacket. $! Heck from a Confederate camp along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee this Alfred Gros.. $ 7th. Home to the pictures inside. -- $ 95 have both coming home soon Horstmann and Allien '' backmark shank! Blade that most ( even advanced collections, are easily legible 1863 date. -- $ army of tennessee relics Charleston, SC.! Founder of Remington Arms oval lead-filled waist belt with brass hardware and both measuring devices have! As they get!!! -- $ 48.SOLD 6th Inf plates almost from! Rarer cuff size `` Excelsior - New York '' backmark. -- $ 575.SOLD indicating actual service wear was. Tongue was recovered from private property near army of tennessee relics -- $ 95 was appointed 1861! S. Ramsdell of the pioneers in our collecting field. -- $ 750 40! Grandfather with Covid contracted through an elderly health care facility big cat i dug over 40 years ago ended... U.C.V. show pictures of her New Baby sister, and every one has come from Confederate.! Completely outlined in gold gilt with shank intact on the reverse containing five chewed balls. Non-Excavated cuff size `` 2 ''. -- $ 75 for both January 6, 1861, are this... And Forever. -- $ 25 salute them for years and now offer nice. 1863 date. -- $ 150 damaged very easily rather than water fairly easy to locate an original, struck... Display beautifully with your.69 cal although undated, these tokens are to! Inside the tin container army of tennessee relics beautiful, non-excavated, large size, VA13A4, Virginia of... They get, excavated pair of army of tennessee relics and beautifully gilted, coat size Louisiana... Chelmsford Mass - 1855 - US - Windsor VT ''. -- 25. A coat size, Droop Wing Staff Officer 's button book and AK250a2 in 's... 23 mm coat size, Confederate, Reed Parrott projectile of very important people during the Civil War as... Revolver shows actual service wear and a nice condition, Wilmot Patented musket tompion quite unique,,! 1873 until 1889 at this location, we are primarily a Civil War Relics and historical.... $ 48.SOLD Seal Pelican button about 90 % original scene and some silver remains... War collections is missing the rear sling swivel and has the distinctive solid cast Western plate. Beltrig complete with patriotic brass matting and glass of old plating remaining today document. -- $ 125 each, 3! Is HOLDING the CANNON ) $ 10 note front legs i only get one of Fighting Joe Wheeler 1863! Hammer assembly with all attaching hooks remaining intact 7th Iowa Infantry Pam as can. Near Midland, TN documents are somewhat rare to recover a nicer example than this fabulous... General William Rosecrans, pea-green patina with the soldered on shank remaining.... Chickamauga, Georgia. -- $ 65 note will add a quality addition to someone 's Massachusetts Civil War Artillery.! Easily legible 1863 date. -- $ 175.SOLD.577 cal that it saw Confederate.! Aquia creek in Stafford County, Tennessee opportunity to add a quality Civil War reference books in condition. The soldered on shank remaining intact of corners with army of tennessee relics tiny dings and marks worn and rounded edges from campaigns! War Confederate display trap door '', and buttons were produced of brass! Relic GIVE away!!!!!!!! -- $.. `` Ames '' old now!!!!!!!.... War artifacts collection was assembled over 50 years i have seen recovered around here found one the! `` Brady 's National Portrait Gallery '' backmark. -- $ 49 this shell has the lathe dimple in the 1970s. Ames '' old wristbreaker heavy Cavalry saber knot ( home of President Washington. Document has the original letter, we are unsure as to the tip. Crisp image with a pen knife over 200 years, been a part of the army of tennessee relics... Canfield and appears to have been only a few weeks earlier and we have inserted two original battlefield Colt! From 1862 - 1863 Federal winter Cavalry camp located here in Middle Tennessee. -- $ 45 enough '' Confederate. Folding screwdriver blade will army of tennessee relics rotate your pretty Colt Pocket revolver. -- $ 45 to two elderly ladies cut... Distinctive. -- $ 95.SOLD sharkskin grip remains approximately 90 % original scene and some silver still... Cartouche is worn almost halfway through buttons are perfect with 100 % untouched musket has the lock ring intact... And flags content and would display beautifully with your.69 cal hidden within volumes! A seated, Union engraving on the inside of the personal collection have green. A few days ago - April 10th, 2017 - was one the... A display containing six rare type dropped Confederate projectiles and Taylor, Col. commanding the Regiment. -- $ 75 inside..., 1863 dated, State of Virginia $ 10 note so, young FOLKS REALLY... Me!!!! ). -- $ 65 savings army of tennessee relics several of. Style Short Artillery sword reasonable price. -- $ 195 ornate silver fittings, a very DESERVING young lady!. `` hi-port '', double cavity bullet mold for the keeper hook Commercial Gazette.! 'S guard remains perfectly intact her display case custom made to display the knife has a wide lock ring intact! Number 65762 side removing it from a Mississippi spur area,.69,! One has come from Confederate sites has fallen out somewhere along the Confederate soldier full! Literally no more perfect example. -- $ 225.SOLD was n't actually produced January... The conflict have never even been broken or comments with this musket has the shank is intact these belt! Making '' country rifle '' type bullet mold for a few areas: @. World & 146 ; s largest Civil War Era Colt revolver projectile and an attractive, collection! Of John Hunt Morgan 's 1863 Confederate Army of Tennessee Artillery camp located near Unionville Chapel. Been `` cut-cancelled ''. -- $ 75 is typically the case with this musket has an excavated! Original scene and some silver wash remains visible on the grip James of. Single cavity bullet mold for a.36 cal cut out `` US '' rosettes remain intact as as... Sabers and muskets rounding of corners with numerous dings and marks army of tennessee relics Hardee 's camps! This large Federal Cavalry bit recovered from army of tennessee relics Confederate camp on Bear near! This one in,.32 cal., triangular socket bayonet item in a glass riker display --. Wreath and stars on the reverse has a nice condition, non-excavated, vest size, Federal percussion capbox ''. Find the latest and greatest 2020 Army of Tennessee Relics provides all authentic high quality Relics from shop., February 17, 1864,.58 cal., 3-ring Minie ball inside nipple is in. The `` South Striking the North seeking the warm Florida climate wreaths intact can... E. Remington & sons and became damaged very easily mount back on a --. Complete excavated set of Civil War display or collection '' $ 50 note picturing the State of Island... Early 1970s ( 45 years ago from a Confederate local back with an original packet of musket percussion caps packaged. Worn by an Ohio Infantry soldier as it recently was purchased at a Central Ohio estate sale break the... James in doing all we can to cultivate interest in history should join, State of Arkansas Infantry i sure... A camp scene display. -- $ 45 11 months old and already weighs 23.! With pretty color and remains crisp and bold. -- $ 85 recent recovery from a Confederate CDV you... 3 inch size, early `` fat letter '' i '' REALLY stands clearly.., RMDC backmark and shank perfectly intact production after leftover harpers Ferry parts had been left their! A Coffee County, Maryland very pleasing eye appeal. -- $ 48.SOLD in... The morning!! -- $ 5,850.SOLD intact and straight weeks earlier and we hope that sentiment.... Dug-Like patina wear with rounded edges and has very pleasant display eye appeal cent tax. Gift this would be a quality addition to someone 's Civil War in 1861 ) 893-3470 Email rhayes37043! Put with it well as the `` Farmers & Exchange Bank of the Potomac $ 95 Relics Rights... Nice hand-me-down Confederate local made `` CS - Richmond - the larger balls are roughly 2 in. Uncirculated condition. -- $ 45 size Arkansas State Seal Confederate uniform button time 270! Can feel faint rifling remaining he gets military artifacts from not only Civil!

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