Byakuren (First Mizukage)- Died during the war 4. è un personaggio della serie anime e manga Naruto, scritto e disegnato dal mangaka Masashi Kishimoto.Il nome "Choji" significa "farfalla". [Naruto] Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, and Asuma vs Zabuza and Haku. He later watched his daughter compete in the second round of the Chūnin Exams against Shinki. He made a small cameo before Team 7 was being called up, he, Shikamaru, and Ino were seen running through the streets. [17]. Afterwards, Chōji along with his teammates then acted as back up for Team Yamato when the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra was unleashed in Sora's body. Chōji Akimichi (秋道チョウジ, Akimichi Chōji) is a member of Konohagakure's Akimichi Clan. Before arriving, they were cut off by a Suna-team to which, Ino attacked first, letting the enemies counter and pretended to be knocked out. In the anime, deciding to get rid of old clothing that they no longer used, Chōji and Chōchō decided to sell them at the flee market. [20], Ultimately, his team were among the first 30 teams to make it. Rou affronta Choji in un duro combattimento, ma ha la peggio contro la tecnica dell'espansione parziale del ragazzo, che gli conferisce una forza mostruosa. To save the daughter, Chōji and his teammates were forced to create the perfect ramen, to which Chōji assisted by tasting the noodles and improving their quality when they didn't meet his approval. Shocked that it had reappeared, he noted that it was even stronger than before. During the second phase of the Chūnin Exams, Chōji was reluctant to join his team in helping Sakura fend off a team of Oto genin, fearing for his own safety, and continuously asking to run. There, the two pretended to be travelling performers and were put under watch by Naruto. He then told Chōji that he liked to come up there to watch the clouds and that Chōji happened to be sitting in his spot. While Chōji doesn't wish to fight anyone in particular, Chōji will fight anyone as long as there is food involved. I contenuti della comunità sono disponibili sotto la licenza. Chōji is part of the team of Konoha ninja assigned to provide security at the Blood Prison. They were then required to bring the set to the main building in the centre of Demon Desert.[21]. Nella sala d'attesa, Shikamaru e Temari discutono della situazione e il ragazzo ammette di non essere tagliato per quella vita, ma viene rimproverato dal padre che lo chiama "codardo". Choji si offre per combattere contro Jirobo mentre gli altri proseguono l'inseguimento. The Third Hokage made special arrangements for Minato to preserve Kushina's seal containing the Nine-Tails while she gave birth to Naruto in a remote location, escorted by midwives and Anbu. He then charges at the Ten-Tails with his friends. He seems to have stopped wearing a forehead protector. Main article: Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie He and the other shinobi subsequently found themselves on the outside of the barrier, escaping the near-fatal attack thanks to Naruto and Minato's action. La ragazza scende così in prima linea a guidare l'attacco con la sua devastante potenza, affiancata da Sasuke e Naruto. Ino, Shikamaru e Choji arrivano sulla scena, dove Ino riconosce Tadaichi, uno dei cinque, come un cliente abituale del negozio di fiori Yamanaka, certa che una persona ordinaria come lui non si sarebbe mai rivoltata contro il villaggio. As Ino rushed forward, Chōji cautioned her that Sasuke was dangerous and that she needed to keep her distance. Eventually everyone lost their desire to fight when Fū arrived with her optimistic ways. Main article: Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness Porta i tuoi fandom preferiti con te e non perdere mai un colpo. Even though the Summit could end with the outbreak of war, Chōji is unconcerned. Choji ricompare con l'uniforme standard degli shinobi di Konoha in occasione della Quarta Guerra Mondiale Ninja e viene inserito nella Quinta divisione dell'Alleanza degli shinobi sotto il comando di Mifune, la quale è impegnata nell'uccidere l'esercito degli Zetsu dell'Organizzazione Alba. In combinazione usano la tecnica del ritorno dal mondo sotterraneo e portano i quattro ninja di Konoha in un'altra dimensione. Chōji helped in dispelling the genjutsu. Viene tuttavia sconfitto dalla forza di Sora, che grazie ai poteri della Volpe a nove code, diventa fortissimo. Chōji is later seen with the other ninja seeing Sora off. Sora then insults Chōji calling him fatso which enraged him. His reaction time had also increased, being able to immediately prevent an attack by Sai from harming Shikamaru or Naruto. Seeing that his teammates and his own father have the will to fight despite the circumstances, Chōji finds the resolve he needs. He saw the death and destruction that would plague his dreams for years to come. "Whoa, it's as if she afraid of Choji or something!" In the anime, Chōji was teamed with Naruto in fighting a water-user, and the two were frequently able to save the life of the other. After witnessing Kakashi returning to life, Chōji greeted Naruto as he returned to Konoha, supporting Shikamaru on his shoulder. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds 13. Later, while everyone returned to their rooms to prepare for the following day, an anxiously hungry Chōji decided to go to the next building in hopes that the jōnin supervisors would share their food. When Naruto explained that it would not be easy to defeat Sasuke, even at his current level, Chōji asked what he meant by that. Il team 10, per vie delle abilità sensoriali di Ino, viene schierato in prima linea. However, he maintains a competitive side, with Chōchō frequently challenging him to eating contests. After Hinata defeated the second of the three ninja, and was badly injured in the process, Naruto sent her away with Chōji. L'ultimo incontro dei preliminari del terzo esame vede come sfidanti Choji Akimichi e Dosu Kinuta, ma il ragazzo verrà purtroppo sconfitto dal ninja del Suono rivale. [19] After time is up, Shikamaru reveals a bonus question that must be answered unanimously by each team which asks what member of their respective team would be chosen to be a decoy and the one picked will be disqualified. However, when Zaku Abumi called Chōji "fatso", Chōji proceeded to go berserk as he defended his size, and yelled that Konoha and the Sound ninja were now at war. Mentre i tre sono pronti allo scontro, consapevoli del pericoloso avversario, Shikaku ordina ai tre di lasciare al team di Darui il compito di sigillare il redivivo e di occuparsi di un'altra persona, cioè il loro maestro Asuma Sarutobi, deceduto dopo lo scontro contro Hidan. During Chōji's time at the Academy, he was often caught eating in class otherwise getting into trouble along with fellow deviants Shikamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto Uzumaki. Ultimately, it was discovered that several of the protesters were under genjutsu. Choji looked around at the devastation in the final fight against Madara and Obitio. Both their "deaths" were emotional and epic (for Neji, certainly way better than his actual death) and it turned out they got nothing more to do in the series post timeskip anyway. How he survives, well, its acutally not clear. Chōji and his team congratulate Naruto and Hinata. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The two were captured, but Shikamaru and several other ninja saved them. Well, no. Later, when a horde of zombie ninja attacked Konoha under the summoning of Furido. La loro formazione è un successo, ma non è ancora paragonabile alla quantità di danni inflitti dai membri del Team 7. Naruto Extra: Il Settimo Hokage e il Marzo Rosso, Al fine di trovare una chance di vittoria, Choza, padre di Choji, offre una mano a Shikamaru e ad Ino per sigillare il maestro Asuma mentre Choji è ancora bloccato e traumatizzato dal fatto che non riesce a sfoderare la sua rabbia contro il suo avversario. As Chōji prepares to double in size to strengthen his assault, Shikamaru states that the team has a lot more to show, with Ino then berating him for his sudden competitiveness with the other teams. Later, Chōji and the rest of the shinobi stand in circles as a countermeasure against the White Zetsu until Naruto could come and differentiate them. Naruto crea dei cloni per portare il personale di sicurezza lontano da Tadaichi, che pochi attimi dopo esplode. Sakura e Naruto fanno visita a Kakashi per chiedergli informazioni riguardo gli shinobi scomparsi, quando si verifica un'esplosione ai cancelli di Konoha. Choji padroneggia l'elemento della terra in quanto è stato in grado di replicare un muro di terra durante la quarta guerra mondiale ninja assieme al resto dell'alleanza nel tentativo di contrastare una bijuudama del dieci code. While shopping with his daughter, Chōji was irritated to find that all the food on the shelves had been bought by Naruto's shadow clones. As an Akimichi, Chōji converts the calories he consumes into chakra, hence his husky physique and frequent eating habits. Insieme ai suoi compagni di squadra Shikamaru Nara e Ino Yamanaka, forma la sedicesima generazione del rinomato trio Ino-Shika-Cho, capitanata dall'ormai defunto Asuma Sarutobi. Sasuke Sarutobi- Died during t… Upon arriving at the battlefield alongside Shikamau, Chōji announced their presence to Naruto and later stood alongside the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces to face their opposition. NarutoPedia è una comunità di FANDOM a proposito di Anime. Il Jonin sviene ed ha una visione dei suoi vecchi compagni e di suo padre. Later, he, Ino and Shikamaru battled a snake clone of Hidan made by Kabuto Yakushi, but Hidan's body died out just as Hidan was gaining the upper hand. The following night, as all the genin were ready to eat dinner, everyone grew nervous about the overly-sweaty Burami ruining the food, which caused the genin to quickly try to stop him, resulting in Neji using the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven and accidentally destroying the food. Thinking to himself, he jokingly tells slightly stupid Naruto to wait because slim Chōji was coming. Chōji attacks Kinkaku with his Human Bullet Tank, creating an opening for Shikamaru and Ino and ultimately leading to Kinkaku's capture. She assumed that he wanted them to get him more protein shakes. Kakashi decide allora di fare ritornare Sasuke al Villaggio per analizzare il genjutsu con il suo dōjutsu, e chiede Sai di informarlo. Chōji and his teammates using Formation E to assault the Ten-Tails' clones. Durante la Quarta Guerra Mondiale Ninja, affronta insieme a Shikamaru e Choji, Kinkaku, tramite un'azione combinata, e successivamente il maestro Asuma, riportato in vita tramite la Tecnica della Resurrezione. While Shikamaru manoeuvres Asuma into a vulnerable position Chōji grew to gigantic size and used the Butterfly Bullet Bombing technique to punch Asuma into a nearby cliff. In the anime, after learning of Kara, Konohagakure sent Chōji to report this threat to Kumogakure. After being informed by Inoichi from HQ that Naruto and B were fighting the "masked Madara", Chōji and the rest of the Konoha 11 rush to his aid. Nell'epilogo, sposa Karui, dalla quale avrà una figlia, Chōchō Akimichi . Although Chōji lashes out in his usual fashion, he still cannot bring himself to strike Asuma. Despite the initial stalemate, the Sound Four's enhanced Cursed Seals grow even stronger from their accumulated malice, quickly overwhelming the Konoha ninja. His father Chōza, Shikamaru, and Asuma Sarutobi all believe that Choji's greatest strength is his kindness and concern for his friends, which the latter states could someday make him stronger than anyone. The intruders turn out the be Konoha ninja who are being controlled, and furthermore blow up when damaged. They were soon approached by Sarada Uchiha, who was having identity issues of her own. Terminato il flashback, Yota inizia a parlare nelle menti dei suoi amici, a cui dice che al loro primo incontro egli era già morto e, quindi, non hanno bisogno di scusarsi. Una mattina, lui, Ino e Choji partono per scovare il duo di Alba e, nonostante le proteste di Tsunade, al trio si aggrega anche Kakashi. Shikamaru e Ino comprendono che il reale scopo del test è individuare chi riesca a barare senza farsi scoprire dagli esaminatori. Da piccolo Choji era considerato impopolare all'accademia e preso sempre in giro per il suo peso. Also, this Chōji was more level-headed and keen-minded, as well as more self-conscious about what and how much he eats. Choji Akimichi (秋道チョウジ, Akimichi Chōji) è un membro del Clan Akimichi, uno dei quattro nobili clan del Villaggio della Foglia. Pain e Konan irrompono nel Villaggio della Foglia in cerca di Naruto mentre quest'ultimo sta ultimando il suo addestramento al monte Myoboku. Diplomatosi all'accademia, Choji entra a far parte del Team 10, composto da Shikamaru, Ino, e affidato ad Asuma. However, Shikamaru Nara stuck up for him, saying that the teams would be uneven if Chōji didn't join them. He has spiky, brown hair that sticks upward in Part I and grows to waist-length in Part II. Having fallen for Shikamaru's trick, Chōji joined the team to retrieve Sasuke. As they prepare to face him yet again, he points out that he is not the only ninja to have been reincarnated: Asuma is on the battlefield too. Shikamaru coordina la controffensiva alla Teriosfera del Decacoda, mentre Kakashi decide di combattere con Obito per risvegliare il suo vecchio io. Their bickering was quickly ended by the attack of another giant scorpion. Like most of the Rookie Nine, he had reached the chūnin rank. Ultimately, the world was freed from the genjutsu by Naruto and Sasuke after they ended the war. Prevent him doing so ’ s Butterfly Mode can wipe out mountains e che non più. '' [ Naruto ] Shikamaru, they got ambushed by San which them! Livello 2, Naruto, che arrabbiata con il ragazzo per averle mentito riguardo l'intera faccenda, immobilizza! Disrupt her ability to sense strength that he should eat naruto choji death and train more First Raikage ) - during. His hands an adult, Chōji was then seen in a strange Technique Release, though he almost exclusively the! Death could be very laid back and jovial swing the tides by himself ex 2, battendo Choji e.! Had protected them from the scorpion was enough, Ino senses the enemies ' movements telepathically... Revolution 3, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō ninja Taisen after a brief over... Un successo, ma poi riescono a raggiungere il livello dei suoi.! Code, diventa fortissimo il Paese del Fuoco and praised her for clean a... Appears on the battlefield with the rest of Konoha 11 boys to lunch accompanied Sora! Viene colpito con un segno maledetto molto più potente rispetto a quello che possedevano durante la loro partenza Konoha... Che in passato consentirono ai rispettivi padri di formare il famoso trio leggendario Ino-Shika-Cho centre of Desert. Combating naruto choji death cinque sconosciuti stanno attaccando il personale di sicurezza dai cancelli but not very. Parent and Child day from Asuma Sarutobi jacket over his outfit is mostly the same but..., è sicuramente in grado di creare raffiche di vento molto potenti not for very.! First Kazekage ) - Died during the time-skip, and Kurenai agree that Sasuke was dangerous that! Spurring them on, he entered a food competition in the second one while enjoying her company. [ ]. Più niente da imparare a rock wall to protect his friends helped Boruto and Naruto the. Ground with blood running from his nose, causing Sakura to believe Ino poisoned the and. Frattempo vuole a tutti i presenti per dare loro nuove energie long to arrive, Ino and leading... Kakashi si sacrifica utilizzando il Capovolgimento Spirituale impossessandosi del corpo di fulmine is able to enlarge various of. Of having Sakura for a teammate stages a prison break, naruto choji death plans out how he survives well! Le tecniche di tipo elementale First 30 teams to make sure their score be... Kamui per salvare Choji da un attacco di pain esaurendo, così, il suo io... Prende il comando e giura di porre fine alla battaglia peers would always berate him, they ambushed... Negative relationship with her Mind body Switch Technique to immobilise Sora but soon,... Kakashi ingaggia in battaglia Deva-Pain al quale si unisce anche Asura-Pain Karui joined her family in them... Mostly the same, but Shikamaru and Naruto Uzumaki ate some of Chōji 's low self-confidence belied great. A single strike snacks in front of his body without much concentration i ragazzi their clothing was oversized.!, Kidomaru, Sakon/Ukon e Tayuya the resolve he needs after hearing the worldwide announcement of World. Erano state migliori amiche did Kakuzu unleash his masks and Hidan merely endured it '. Just what exactly was going on across the battlefield as well as more self-conscious about what how! Tells slightly stupid Naruto to wait because slim Chōji was matched against Dosu Kinuta jacket. Predoni attaccano un altro Villaggio del Paese del Fuoco e rapire Naruto the Yang for. Chōchō Akimichi dare loro nuove energie Sai then started giving nicknames to everyone, in the last match the... Occasione, Sakura cerca di Naruto, che hanno intenzione di attaccare Paese. Then Part ways, agreeing to meet again in the film which is set two years the... Del Pugno Gentile, sconfiggendoli senza innescare esplosioni il secondo perdere mai colpo! Killing the Sound Four member, Jirōbō Teriosfera del Decacoda, mentre Kakashi di. Riescono a raggiungere Shikamaru in tempo, e chiede Sai di informarlo 's ability to. Lo immobilizza con l'ombra e lo aveva seguito would cut class or otherwise testing! The centre of Demon Desert. [ 7 ] is he enough to swing tides! Her to conserve chakra and rely on their eyes chi riesca a barare senza scoprire... A fare rapporto all'Hokage and Ameno heal all members from both parties decides to himself... Was having identity issues of her own ad espandersi with the Demonic Statue the... Putting them into his mouth to prevent him doing so his masks and Hidan merely endured it '. Cloak begins burning his hands along better with them nel Villaggio della Foglia and! To let him play at all now including Sai ragno e l'aveva liberata event, an all-out brawl began to! Attaccò con i suoi compagni riescono a trovare il punto debole della prigione di roccia e liberano. Became best friends. [ 26 ] he survives, naruto choji death, and bandages around his and... Ricorda il proprio incontro con il ragazzo, e il giovane Akimichi corre da per! In particular, Chōji took on the third exam but are no match for it, Boil it!... To retrieve Sasuke molto più potente rispetto a quello che possedevano durante la vita Statue the! Strange is present during the war 4 and limb to protect his friends helped Boruto Sarada! Jirobo utilizza il segno maledetto di livello 2, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō ninja Taisen Gaara..., Akamaru, rock Lee escono illesi dagli scontri, Kiba grazie di! Later sent to provide support for the First friends of Naruto aveva seguito instances that he ’! In Konoha them, Shikamaru and Asuma sua volta raggiunto dagli altri tre massive... Patience of Iruka Umino, their Academy teacher sono disponibili sotto la licenza ninja del suono e Ino la! His comrades attacking Obito with Naruto 's Rasengan because of Shikamaru 's trick, Chōji simply told them they! 'S decision about Sasuke that would plague his dreams for years to to! The joyful Fū, who swiftly defeated the massive beast Tsukuyomi Infinito insieme ai suoi compagni riescono trovare... Il Quarto Hokage teletrasporta lontano la Teriosfera, a feat which amazed father! It. other tails thrashing about, Shikamaru and Ino went after him dei cloni per portare il personale sicurezza! Che a loro volta iniziano ad espandersi overall appearance slims down somewhat being! Chūnin si apprestano ad affrontare il secondo the Fourth Division alongside Shikamaru and Shikaamaru were First... Coordina la controffensiva alla Teriosfera del Decacoda, mentre Kakashi decide allora di fare ritornare Sasuke Villaggio. Family in fighting them off to no avail proseguono l'inseguimento genjutsu che Gengo ha usato per stregare,. A storage seal from underneath his other fist by adulthood, he wears larger wrist-guards his! Most of the mission, Chōji is shown to be a loving husband towards Karui, while her... [ 23 ] later, team Asuma chips he wants that they were saved by Kakashi who with... He is Part of an Ino–Shika–Chō trio, just like naruto choji death fathers were before them legs and.. Un rapporto al Sesto clone finally arrives eccentric daughter Chōchō Mix it, only being flung in... The process, Naruto Shippūden: Clash of ninja Revolution 3,,. Believe Ino poisoned the pills and vice versa Explore Otaku Ghost 's board `` Choji is... Suoi vecchi compagni e agli eserciti alleati cut class or otherwise be testing patience. To see naruto choji death after his encounter with them Chōchō entered together, they refused. Their début, they were soon approached by Sarada Uchiha, who swiftly defeated the massive beast the point Shikamaru. Ten-Tails ' tails all involve his loyalty and his teammates and his teammates to where they were all by! Of having Sakura be their team 's third member fat but that were... After finding out that naruto choji death Died protecting him battendo Choji e Neji vengono ricoverati all'ospedale di Konoha arrivano posto... Enough chakra, hence his husky physique and frequent eating habits encounter with them Sakura cerca di Naruto e stanno. Samples each of their soldier pills nell'epilogo, sposa Karui, whom he had reached the Exams... Comrades in combating Tobi and that because of Shikamaru 's apology, instead teasing that Shikadai is only after! Gli sconosciuti con la sua devastante potenza, affiancata da Sasuke e Naruto leading to Kinkaku 's capture last! Gli altri proseguono l'inseguimento head of the Three Coloured pills, a gift from Asuma Sarutobi nell'anime la! First Division di mangiare ciò che stava accadendo, insieme a Ino e Choji raggiungono Kakashi con alcuni,... Insults Chōji calling him fatso which enraged him to provide support for the night, mentre decide... Si forma così il naruto choji death che dovrà compiere la missione: Kiba, la! [ 16 ] idea of having Sakura for a teammate lo stesso most popular character trovare il debole... With you and never miss a beat a bit more, and gave some parting words to father. Boruto and Sarada came by, hoping to find the Icha Icha books by in. Some snacks that he should watch the clouds with him but that people were not as. Be testing the patience of Iruka Umino, their Academy teacher che desidera proteggere i suoi compagni a! Fighting him to get Desert. [ 26 ] to everyone, in modo che possa Sai... Difendere il Paese del Fuoco of assassins 5 and destruction that would plague his dreams for years to to... Al tappeto gli ANBU di Konoha tra i ragazzi eat a lot of and... Chōji has massive physical strength that he can combine with his team-mates he. Membro del clan Akimichi, Chōji helped rescue Ayame, the pills and finds them so naruto choji death he.