Communion Records

Communion Daytrotter

Savoir Adore at RIBCO for the November Communion Daytrotter Club Night

We first learned of Communion Records when Codfish Hollow owner Tiffany Biehl began excitedly posting on her Facebook page about phone calls with Mumford and Sons' Ben Lovett. Not that the little barn in the hollow was going to host a Mumford show, but as we soon learned, Communion Records was teaming up with Daytrotter to bring their club nights to the Midwest, and Codfish Hollow would be the first location for the Daytrotter stop.

Venue Spotlight - Codfish Hollow

Tiffany and Shawn Biehl, Codfish Hollow

It’s been referred to as a place of magic by Adriel Denae. The 4onthefloor calls it “community in the truest sense of the word”. It is a music venue, an art installation, a place of scenic beauty. It is Codfish Hollow.