Rascals Live

Local Radio Personality and Musicians Raising Funds for SMA

What happens when a band auctions their services off to raise funds for a great cause, and Greg Dwyer wins the auction? He turns it into yet another fundraiser for the cause.

It seems that thing really happened, as Electric Shock donated a private show to be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser. When Dwyer won the auction, he thought a better option than a private party for a few of his friends would be a rockin’ fundraiser.

Back-to-Back Blues

On December 27th and 28th Rascals Live hosted back-to-back touring artist blues shows. Samantha Fish entertained a packed house on Friday the 27th with selections from her new album, “Black Wind Howling” as well as audience favorites from her earlier CDs and a few covers, including "Old Black Mattie", a traditional blues song popularized by R. L. Burnside. When asked about her choice of the Burnside cover, Samantha responded that she is a long-time R.L. Burnside fan.