A River Music Experience Anniversary

Ellis Kell gets a surprise

On Sunday November 24, Local Scene Magazine was in attendance at a very special anniversary celebration. The folks from the River Music Experience threw a surprise party for Ellis Kell to celebrate his 10th anniversary with the RME. At 5 PM, a packed house waited for the word, as Ellis was brought to The Muddy Waters with the story that he was going to hang out with Lonnie Brooks. The look on his face was priceless when he realized he was the guest of honor at this party.

Photos from Cody Road at Rascals Live

Cody Road at Rascals Live

Cody Road at Rascals Live, November 2, 2013.

Photos from Hood Smoke

Hood Smoke opened for Daphne Willis at the Redstone Room, November 15, 2013

Photos from Daphne Willis

Daphne Willis

Check out these photos taken at the Redstone Room on November 15, 2013.

Band Spotlight - Busted Chandeliers

Busted Chandeliers at the Redstone Room

This week, Local Scene Magazine sits down with The Busted Chandeliers, the Quad Cities only all-female original music band. The interview took on a life of its own, so we're publishing the question and answer session.

Winter Blues at the RME

Winter Blues All Stars at the Redstone Room

Each year the River Music Experience hosts the Winter Blues program for kids 8-18 years old. During the 4 sessions, the kids attend vocal and instrumental workshops (including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and harmonica) and learn about blues composition and improvisation. The workshops are led by Ellis Kell of the RME and Hal Reed from the Mississippi Valley Blues Society, and other blues musicians will be involved as well.

Venue Spotlight - Codfish Hollow

Tiffany and Shawn Biehl, Codfish Hollow

It’s been referred to as a place of magic by Adriel Denae. The 4onthefloor calls it “community in the truest sense of the word”. It is a music venue, an art installation, a place of scenic beauty. It is Codfish Hollow.

Local Band Spotlight - Have Your CAKE

Have Your Cake at RIBCO

How many bands begin from conversations between musicians over artists they grew up listening to? In the Fall of 2012, a group of musicians were joking about throwing together a cover show for Halloween where they could dress up and play a night as one of their favorite bands. Lots of ideas got tossed around but the room erupted when CAKE was brought up. The show was named the "Have Your CAKE and Eat it too Party," and the Have Your Cake band was born. -Leif Rehnberg, Have Your CAKE

Local Scene Magazine Logo

Local scene magazine logo

A special thank you goes out to Shawn Young Skoy Harris for our logo design. Mr. Harris creates show posters for several local bands.