Communion/Daytrotter December Photos

Chrash at Communion Daytrotter, RIBCO

We caught the Communion Daytrotter club night show at RIBCO on December 19.

Candid Candymakers

The Candymakers at RIBCO

Playing the Muddy Waters for New Years Eve 2013, The Candymakers are one of the most popular bands in the QC blues circuit. But, they've shown all along that they are much more than a blues band. After several requests for a Candymakers interview, we caught up with the band and sent them a few questions.

Toys for Tots Benefit at Bent River

Members of Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls at Bent River Brewing's Toys for Tots benefit

Bent River Brewing Company hosted a Toys for Tots benefit show at their Rock Island location early in December. A good number of local musicians turned out for the event, and both sections of the brew pub were full. The Marines had boxes full of toys and a bundle of cash. Photos here include members of Johnny Goldmine and the Nuggets, The Low Down and Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls.

Meet The Ballroom Thieves.

I had the pleasure of being present for a very unique musical experience recently. I see a fair share of live music, but I can't remember the last time I saw a band play in someone's living room, unless it was at my house. There is something about seeing a band in a small room that I love. The ability to hear and feel the dynamics of the vocals and the instruments is enhanced.

Pink Floyd Renewed

In the Flesh at RIBCO

In the Flesh is a Pink Floyd tribute band out of Chicago, but with Davenport ties. Singer/guitarist Paul Willaert hails from the QC.
The band brought their authentic Floyd sound, energetic performance and light show to RIBCO on 12/13/13. According to their Facebook page, the band was
formed in 2010, and is performing with a new lineup. They were formerly known as Echoes of Floyd. See more photos from this show at

Simon Says Farewell

Simon Says Uncle on the stage at The Rusty Nail

On November 30th, Simon Says Uncle performed their final show at The Rusty Nail. Known for playing arena rock covers, they rocked the stage their way.
The Nail was packed with people for this farewell performance, and the crowd was full of local musicians who stepped in to see them off. Overheard more than once was "I've been so busy playing gigs, this is the first time I've seen these guys".

Photos From Family Groove Company and The Dawn

Local band The Dawn opened for Family Groove Company at the Redstone Room on November 29th.

Curtis Hawkins and Friends

Curtis Hawkins and Friends at The Muddy Waters

Local Scene recently caught up with former area musician Curtis Hawkins when he paid the QC a holiday visit. The occasion was a gathering of Curtis and Friends at The Muddy Waters, Bettendorf, Iowa.

Communion Daytrotter

Savoir Adore at RIBCO for the November Communion Daytrotter Club Night

We first learned of Communion Records when Codfish Hollow owner Tiffany Biehl began excitedly posting on her Facebook page about phone calls with Mumford and Sons' Ben Lovett. Not that the little barn in the hollow was going to host a Mumford show, but as we soon learned, Communion Records was teaming up with Daytrotter to bring their club nights to the Midwest, and Codfish Hollow would be the first location for the Daytrotter stop.

Photos of The Multiple Cat

On November 21, Daytrotter/Communion Records hosted a club night at RIBCO. The Multiple Cat opened the show.