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I guess you can say I’ve been a little occupied lately. Not that I haven’t been out to shows, but I discovered that I really needed to cut back – and I haven’t taken the time to write about those I have seen. In fact, I just finished processing photos from Valentine’s Day. Things will get back to normal soon, I hope. The Local Bands for Music Education benefit show is this Saturday – we have an amazing lineup of talented, generous musicians who are going to blow the roof off the RME.

American Music - Nick Moss

By: Tom Zick, Roberta Osmers

The Nick Moss band is headlining a show on March 5 at the River Music Experience’s Redstone Room. We had the opportunity to meet with Nick Moss and Michael Ledbetter in November, when the band opened for The Giving Tree Band. This will be Nick’s second show at the RME, but he has played the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival and more recently at The Muddy Waters.

River Music Experience Announces 2015 Annual Appeal

Goal to Raise $62,500

DAVENPORT, IOWA - River Music Experience (RME), is kicking off their 2015 Annual Appeal. RME is a non-profit, mission-based organization focused on exposing Quad Cities area residents and visitors to all aspects of music through unique music-education programs and diverse live-music performances. All funds raised during the campaign benefit music education programs and offset the costs of bringing in live music acts.

Hope for Hannah

When we learn of a benefit/fundraiser, we do our best to pass the word along. Hope for Hannah is this Friday evening. If you have a little time, stop by, listen to some QC local bands and make a donation, enter a raffle, bid on a silent auction item. Help a little girl.

Where: Blue Grass Community Club
When: February 20, starting at 5 PM
Music provided by North of 40 and Wild Oatz

Blues Fest to Change Dates

Press Release Provided by the Mississippi Valley Blues Society

Blues Festival Will Move to Labor Day Weekend;

Blues Society Begins a Fundraising Campaign

After weathering 3 floods and multiple rain days in the past 7 years over the 4th of July weekend, the Mississippi Valley Blues Society Board of Directors voted to move the date of the 2015 Blues Festival to the Labor Day weekend—Saturday and Sunday September 5 and 6.


What Are You Doing March 7? Roberta's Blog

I thought today instead of writing about where I’ve been in the past week, I might write about where I’m going… or something like that anyway. Most of those who read my posts have probably already heard about the Local Bands for Music Education benefit by now. And I’m sure that somewhere between now and March 7 you’ll all be tired of hearing about it. In hopes that this blog post reaches at least a few people who haven’t heard of the benefit yet, I want to talk a little bit about it.

"Minnesota" - Ren Edstrand

It has been a long time coming, but a well-known local musician and music lover has finally put his original work into recordings. With the help of Ian Harris, sound engineer for Rozz-Tox, Ren’s work will come to light on Friday, February 13 with a CD Release Party at Rozz-Tox.

“For years I played in bands that were doing covers and bands that were playing my friends’ songs, and I didn’t think I could write.”

Late Nights and Early Mornings - Roberta's Blog

Sometimes I find a show to be so enjoyable it is difficult to drag myself away. That happened three times this weekend. I found myself getting up early this past weekend and then staying out late – later than I intended.

My first musical stop Friday night was Bleyart’s in the Village of East Davenport. Jordan Danielsen and Jef Spradley were playing there. This would be the first time I’ve seen Jef as a drummer. These guys play really well together and are a lot of fun. It was difficult to leave and I stayed a bit longer than intended.

Roberta's Blog - More Local Live Music

Don’t let anyone tell you the music scene in the Quad Cities is dying. Contrary to the belief of some, there is a lot going on here, musically. Even in the middle of winter, when most humans want nothing better than to snuggle into their warm homes with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix (or some other form of home entertainment), the music scene in the Quad Cities is alive and kicking. Although not as widespread and exposed as it is in the summer months, there is still a good deal of activity.

One Family One Night

I recently received an invite to a fundraiser event at the Redstone Room. Local Scene is always willing to promote these events, particularly when local musicians donate their time to a cause. I was able to get the information I was looking for through the GoFundMe page for the fundraiser. If you're looking for entertainment and like to support good causes, please check this out!

Here’s the scoop on Friday night’s event:

The Bands:
• Lion in Rome
• Tambourine
• Bailiff