Still Standing and Friends - Local Bands Helping Others

We're fans of all the local bands. That's what Local Scene Magazine is about... our Local Music Scene. When a whole bunch of area bands get together to raise money to help others, it's even better. These guys are making a difference right here in the Quad Cities.

Last spring we interviewed the members of Still Standing when they released their first EP. At that time, they knew they wanted to do something more than just make music. As a group, they wanted to use their talent to make a difference.

The opportunity to do just that arrived in the form of two premature babies born to the Moulton family, friends to Justin Young. Justin wanted to help his friends, but also learned that Genesis hospitals was beginning a program called "The Family Connects". This program provides help to new families.

From the event page:

This is our first charity event!! It will be a HUGE all day event, with the proceeds going to not one, but two, very amazing causes!!! The proceeds will be split directly in half to help them both as much as we possibly can!!

The first half of our proceeds will go to benefit baby Harper, baby Hayden, and the Moulton family!!! Karleigh and Jake are both amazing people and friends of mine. they have recently brought their 2 beautiful baby girls into the world, but they were born after only 25 weeks of Karleigh's pregnancy. Originally doctors were unsure if the girls were going to survive but they both pulled through and made it! The girls were born at only 2 pounds and have to stay in the NICU and will have to continue to do so until they have a completely stable heart and lungs. Hayden had heart surgery at only 4 weeks old, but she survived and is currently doing very well!! The girls will continue to have heart and lung issues for the first few years of their lives, so the family will be taking them to a specialist in Iowa City for those first few years. The proceeds from this benefit will help them with medical expenses, travel costs, NICU stays and specialist appointments. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Help us help this beautiful family out, because they deserve every bit of it.

The other half of the proceeds from this benefit are going to the local Genesis Hospital to help fund a program that Genesis is doing to help insure the health of our new born babies here in the QC area. The program ensures that within the first 3 weeks following a baby leaving the hospital, specially trained nurses will provide an in home needs assessment to the mothers and newborns. For example, nurses will be able to address housing issues, breastfeeding, depression or mental health needs, substance abuse, domestic violence, child care access, parenting education, family planning, financial concerns, social support, and other issues.

Still Standing has put together an all-day event Saturday, August 22nd at the River Music Experience to raise funds for both the Moulton family and The Family Connects Program. Both the Redstone Room and the Performance Hall will be in use. Here is the schedule of bands:

Fairhaven 1:30-2:00
The Easy Mark 2:00-2:30
Condor and Jaybird 2:30-3:00
9th Street Memory 3:00-3:30
Sleepwell 3:30-4:00
Calm is Key 4:00-4:30
BareBones 4:30-5:00
(break/raffle announcements) 5:00-5:45
Those Dirty Thieves 5:45-6:15
Cut the Tongue 6:15-6:45
Straight Up 6:45-7:15
Benny and the Boyz 7:15-7:45
Still Standing 7:45-8:15
Doppleganger 8:15-8:45
Heavyweight 8:45-9:15

There will be raffles, pizza by the slice, and... donuts?

If you can't be there all day, come out for your favorite band and stick around for a couple more.