River Music Experience set to kick off two new programs on Wednesday, Oct 5th

Open Spaces features yoga & flow arts, while PluggedIn offers a chance for the music community to connect

DAVENPORT, 9/22/16 - River Music Experience is excited to announce two new programs for the music community starting on October 5th!

The first program, Open Spaces: Music, Movement & Wellness, features yoga and flow arts for both musicians and beginners. PluggedIn, the second new program, provides a place for the music community to network and socialize.
The yoga component of Open Spaces is tailored for musicians, with stretches that loosen and relax muscles commonly used during performances or practices. These stretches specially help musicians (and non-musicians alike) feel more comfortable on and off stage.

"Yoga is a great tool for any performer," Nora Coyne-Logan, Open Spaces instructor, said. "It can help reduce performance anxiety, maintain better focus, and create a more relaxed performance or practice."

Flow Arts - which uses props such as hula hoops, poi, and staffs - are an integration of dance and creative exploration with prop manipulation. Live music, with its improvisational nature, is a great facilitator for this practice.

"The activity is both mentally and physically engaging," Nikki Jones, Open Spaces instructor, said. "This heightened state of awareness makes flow arts a therapeutic activity."

Props for flow arts will be available to check out with the presentation of an ID.

PluggedIn: Where the music community connects, offers a chance for members of the music community to come together and network. Partially modeled after the Young Professionals of the Quad Cities Network @ Night, it takes the stress out of forging new contacts by offering a relaxing environment tailored for the music community.

Whether you're a flourishing guitarist looking for a group to jam with, a sound engineer looking for extra work, or a local talent buyer looking to book the next show,
PluggedIn offers a place to do just that. Anyone involved in the music community is encouraged to attend.

"There are plenty of open mic nights around town," Bret Dale, Programming Assistant at RME and local musician, said, "but where can you meet musicians, engineers, and promoters at the same time?"

"PluggedIn is a great way to expand your horizons," Dale said, "No matter your position in the music community."

Funding for the program was provided by a grant through Q2030, the initiative to make the Quad Cities a cooler, more connected, and prosperous region.

Open Spaces will begin at 6pm in the RME Hall with an hour of yoga, led by Nora, and followed up by flow arts, led by Nikki. The yoga component will cost $5 to participate, children 12 and under are free. Nikki will accept donations for flow arts. Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats, but RME will have some for use.

PluggedIn starts at 7pm in the Redstone Room, with a networking hour, followed by a live jam from 8 to 10pm, led by area musicians.

There will be a cash bar and resources for the music community, such as a list of open mic nights around town, local live music venue information, a "Personal Ad" style white board for contact information, and more.

More details can be found at RME's website, rivermusicexperience.org.

About River Music Experience

River Music Experience is a non profit performing arts center, dedicated to providing the community opportunities to listen to, learn about, and play music.