Navigating the Music of Alternating Currents

The schedule for the upcoming Alternating Currents festival might seem daunting. Here’s a breakdown that will hopefully help anyone who might be confused. The live music portion of Alternating Currents is spread out across four days and 14 venues.

Do you need a weekend pass to catch all of the live music? Not necessarily. The Adler show with Dr. Dog, David Mayfield Parade, and the Joe Marcinek Band has a stand-alone ticket price. Your $20 weekend pass won’t get you into this show on Saturday evening, but if you purchase an advance ticket to this show along with your weekend pass, there’s a $5 discount on the weekend pass.

The weekend pass is intended for events at the Redstone Room, The Stardust, and Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel. You can also pay $5 at the door of those performances, as long as they haven’t reached capacity. IMPORTANT: Even with a weekend pass, plan to arrive early for the weekend pass performances, as they CAN reach capacity quickly. Check out the listing below to see the super music organizers have lined up for these venues. Any of these is worth the $5 and then some!

All other live music events, which are mostly local performances, are free of charge. Free venues include: Barrel House, Front Street Brewery, Great River Brewery, Mac Tavern, Kilkenny’s, Me & Billy, Ruby’s, RME courtyard, and UP Skybar. So if great local music is what you’re craving, or you want to support a local band or musician, you can do so without a cover charge.

There's an App!
You can download the Alternating Currents app for iPhone or Android. The app allows you to browse through a listing of all acts for each day by time or location. You can favorite those you are interested in seeing, and the app will notify you before each event you have chosen. Settings allow the timing for the notification, but it defaults at 15 minutes before. A description is available for each act, and if you look up each act, you can see if they can be seen at more than one location. There is also a map that has all participating locations marked for those unfamiliar with Downtown Davenport.

The list below includes only musical performances. Alternating Currents is more than music, including comedy, art and film. Check out the app or for more details.

Thursday, August 23
The Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel hosts
River Whyless at 6 PM (weekend pass or $5)

Friday, August 24
Barrel House (free) hosts:
The Golden Fleece at 6 PM
Erin Moore at 7:30 PM

Front Street Brewery (free) hosts:
Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey at 6 PM
The Evening Attraction at 10 PM

Great River Brewery (free) hosts:
The Velies at 9:30 PM

Kilkenny’s Pub (free) hosts:
Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey at 7:30 PM

Mac’s Tavern (free) hosts
Other Brothers at 11 PM
The Golden Fleece at 12:30 AM

Me & Billy (free) hosts:
The Evening Attraction 7 PM
Jordan Danielsen 10:30 PM

River Music Experience hosts:
Aaron Kamm & the One Drops Live @5 in the courtyard (free)
Handmade Moments 8 PM Redstone Room (Weekend pass or $5)
The Crane Wives 11PM (weekend pass or $5)

Ruby’s (free) hosts:
The Velies 6 PM
Other Brothers 8 PM

The Stardust hosts:
Ceramic Animal 6 PM (weekend pass or $5)
Hembree 8:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)
Super Doppler 10:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)

Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel hosts:
Boy Bjorn 7 PM (weekend pass or $5)
Airpark 8 PM (weekend pass or $5)
DRAMA 10 PM (weekend pass or $5)

Up Skybar (free) hosts:
Jordan Danielsen 8:30 PM
Corey Wallace 10 PM

Saturday, August 25

Adler Theatre Hosts:
(Opening Acts: David Mayfield Parade and Joe Marcinek Band)

Barrel House (free) hosts:
DJ Buddha 1 PM
DJ Buddha 3 PM
Eric Chesser 7 PM
Al & Bret of the Candymakers 9:30 PM

Front Street Brewery (free) hosts:
Mo Carter & Co 3 PM
The Zealots 8 PM

Great River Brewery (free) hosts:
The One Night Standards 9:30 PM

Kilkenny’s Pub (free) hosts:
The Last Glimpse

Mac’s Tavern (free) hosts:
The Last Glimpse 4 PM
Eric Chesser9:30 PM

Me & Billy (free) hosts:
Mo Carter & Co 5 PM
BEEs 11 PM

River Music Experience
Art of Percussion 10 AM (free)
Drum Circle with Terry Hanson 11:45 AM (free)
2018 Ellis Kell Winter Blues All Stars 1 PM (free)
Michael Glabicki & Dirk Miller 4:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)
The Giving Tree Band 10:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)

Ruby’s (free) hosts:
The One Night Standards 7 PM
The Zealots 10 PM

Birdtalker 8:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)
Yes You Are 9:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)
East$iders 10:30 PM (weekend pass or $5)

Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel
Arlie 9 PM (weekend pass or $5)
Moodie Black 10:15 PM (weekend pass or $5)

UP Skybar (free)
Al & Bret of the Candymakers 5 PM

Sunday, August 26

Bix Bistro Jazz Brunch – Featuring Josh Duffee 9 -1
Radisson Quad City Plaza Jazz Brunch – Featuring Ron Tegeler FOURtet 10-12:30