Local Music I Appreciate: Avey Grouws Band (Road to Memphis)

There is this "thing" going around Facebook where the poster shares an album that influenced their life (or their music, as many I have seen posting are musicians). Then I noticed a couple of musicians began posting the work of local musicians they appreciate. That is definitely more my speed!

Instead of just posting those local band albums and EPs to Facebook, I decided to add them on my blog page - to share in a more permanent location so people can come back to them if needed. I know how fast that Facebook feed gets away.

To Preface: there are no "favorites", and there are many bands I love whose albums I either don't have, or don't have a cover...because they were digital downloads, or because someone handed me a burned CD because they wanted me to hear the music before the printed albums were released. These are NOT reviews. I am here to promote the local music scene. That has not changed. The albums are in the order in which I photographed them, nothing more, nothing less.

First up is Avey Grouws Band with their Road to Memphis CD. Chris Avey and Jeni Grouws are a great combination. The album was released to raise money for their trip to Memphis as the Iowa representatives for the International Blues Challenge. I've been honored to shoot a few of their shows.