These Americana sirens hail from the banks of the Mississippi River and pair supremely-sonic harmonies with songwriting that examines relationships and the human condition.

Naming themselves after the first letter of their names, BEEs formed in 2017 when friends Bethann Heidgerken, Erin Moore, and Esme Haferbier were hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Although they initially met through connections in the Quad Cities magnetic music community and their involvement with other music projects, they found their way into each other's lives and realized quickly that collaborating was in their near future. One night, in Erin's basement, amidst much laughter and cerebral conversation, the three women began sharing some of their original songs and discovered that their combined voices sounded remarkably beautiful together. While each woman is a songwriter and musician in her own right, it is synergistically through the blending of crystalline and soulful voices that they tap into dormant magic. Forming a band full of authentic musical chemistry that is compelling to a wider audience is as much a crap-shoot as it is luck of the draw. But getting to create that magic with your best friends? That is a miracle.

EP, "Shady Lady", released February 24th, 2018! "Shady Lady" was recorded by the one and only Pat Stolley at Future Apple Tree Studio in Rock Island, Illinois and Mastered by Jeff Konrad.

We are especially grateful to our friends and fans: thank you for showing up and sharing the magic with us. We can't do it without you!

Video: Leave No Doubt

Video: Shady Lady

BEEs band photo credit Molly Koenig