Alex Fest - Helping Girls Rock Camp

Alex Fest is an entire line up consisting of Alex's and pals raising money for Girls Rock! Camp, IC. We'll be taking cash or any musical related instruments and accessory (whatever helps a first time player rock!) donations throughout the evening as these lovey bands rock out for your entertainment:

All performances at Rozz-tox

Pulsing vs Closet Witch: Battle Set!

Closet Witch (IA)

Pulsing (QC)

Bereft (WI)

Better Now (TX)

Avoid. (IA)

The Central (WI)

Piss Exorcist (Who fucking cares)

Chill Smith (QC)

Everlasting Light (QC)

Dee Pretion (IA)

Event Date: 

Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 16:00 to 23:30


Rozz-Tox, Rock Island