It's Happening in the historic Village of East Davenport. CATTYWAMPUS In The Village™ is an outsider arts and music festival. One of the wildest potpourri of music, art and comedy.
The music of...
Nonnie Parry
Last King Of Poland
Abnormal Man
Blue Movies
Dog Hairs
Midi Fridge
Quad City Thunder
Paula Sands Hex Machine
The psychedelic comedic stylings of..
Sam Tallent
Donny Townsend
Nick Mielke
Andrew Cline
Todd Willhite
Tony Cavallo
Lighting by The Invisible Light Agency
4pm doors
5pm show
@The Village Theatre
2113 E 11th Street
CATTYWAMPUS - dialect : askew, awry, kitty-corner
NONNIE PARRY lives in the village and plays goth pop punk. LAST KING OF POLAND is a globe trotting harsh noise artist who has played all over Europe. IDPYRAMID plays neo psychedelic kraut electronica that is always a treat. Muscatine sends us their finest weirdo punk rockers with ABNORMAL MAN. The QC purveyors of fuck jazz aka BLUE MOVIES will assault the ears of all in attendance. JERX will be debuting their new raw sounds. Harsh psychedelic soundscapes will be provided by DOG HAIRS. G.R.I.D.S is a mystery wrapped in a riddle always keeping the audience guessing. MIDI FRIDGE is harsh noise from Buffalo. BEARQUAKE may be the Quad Cities longest running noise band. A Lazer Mountain side project that happens to always perform in a tent. QUAD CITY THUNDER play acoustic noise drum driven punk. PAULA SANDS HEX MACHINE may or may not be a fake band.

Event Date: 

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 16:00


Village Theater, Davenport