Travis Ried Band

1:30pm Saturday on the Bandshell Stage

Blues aficionado. That’s how one would describe Travis Ried, who grew up in West Burlington, Iowa. Having discovered the blues during his high school years, Travis has been playing, studying, and breathing the blues for 25 years!

Travis was heavily influenced by his friend, the late Michael Burks. The two met in 1998 during the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, where they became immediate friends. Burks often asked Travis to sit in with him during his live performances. It was through this lasting connection that Travis learned how to perform.

When Burks passed away, Travis found himself displaced in the blues world. His role model was gone. Fortunately, Larry McCray and Marquise Knox encouraged Travis to start playing again, and he hasn't stopped since. In fact, Knox and McCray have invited Travis to sit in with them on many occasions.

In addition, Travis has sat in with Wayne Sharp and the Sharpshooters, Mason Ruffner, Patrick Hazell, Chico Banks, and Clarence Spady. He has also played at blues festivals throughout the Midwest. These influences can be seen, heard, and felt during Travis's masterful and soulful blues performances.

Please welcome Travis Ried on lead guitar and vocals, Jim VanHyfte on drums, and Terry O'Brien on bass.

Photo Courtesy Mississippi Valley Blues Society