Joanna Connor

10:30pm Friday on the Bandshell Stage

Joanna’s original hometown of Worcester Massachusetts isn’t known to be a blues hotbed, but Joanna started out in the blues at a young age, seeing any blues band that would come to town. By her mid teens, she was playing the Worcester and Boston clubs with her own band, before moving to Chicago in 1984.

Joanna debuted at Kingston Mines in Chicago back in the 80’s, and still plays there three nights a week. It’s usually a packed house, with lots of adrenaline pumping. When it gets to be around midnight, the audience starts getting younger. She loves that her son, who's now 29, gets people looking at him saying “that’s your mom”!

So, if you want to see someone that looks like she could be someone's mom, but knows how to shred guitar licks like nobody's business, then you don't want to miss her set!

Photograph courtesy Mississippi Valley Blues Society