Have Your Cake

Have Your Cake - 3:00 PM
Calling all Cake fans! Catch the greatest thing since Cake itself Saturday at Dawn and On!

Five members from other local bands and projects including Ragaman, Orangadang! and Maylane joined forces to create Have Your Cake, which plays the music of Cake and covers other tunes in Cake's style.

"We love Cake," said band member Adam Vilmont, of Davenport, who is on lead vocals, guitar and vibraslap.

Forming HYC started out as somewhat of a joke, he said. Orangadang covered a few Cake songs, and the members of Ragaman (some of whom play in Orangadang, too), thought of doing the same. The crew played a special show for Halloween in 2013, and because of their efforts and the amazing response, Have Your Cake was born.

"It was a simple situation where we had all the components and the will and desire, and we just made it happen," Mr. Vilmont said.

Cake is "a band I've known and loved," he said, "and through learning over 40 songs in about six months, my appreciation has only grown."

The band typically takes song requests before shows on its Facebook page (facebook.com/CakeYourBooty), as well as on the show's Facebook event page. Band members also call for requests during the banter between songs, too. These calls usually are met with shouted titles and cheers from excited folks in the crowd.

"It's not uncommon for someone to tell us after a show that we sound more like Cake than Cake does, which is a tremendous compliment," Mr. Vilmont said. "It's so much fun to do."