Blues Fest Artist: Frankie Fontagne and the Ramblers


5:00-6:30 Frankie Fontagne and the Ramblers

Born in the small town of Monmouth, IL, Frankie began her career early, singing in the church choir. It was here that her natural ability was given the roots that would later flower into its current soulful state. Realizing that her hometown didn’t provide the opportunities needed, she packed up and headed west to California, where she began to ride the “circuit” doing hooks for various West Coast rap groups throughout the ‘90s. Though not very lucrative, these escapades paid off in the form of studio experience as well as chances to arrange and produce. From 2003- 2014 Ms. Fontagne revisited her gospel roots by traveling with a choir, and shortly thereafter she took the position as choir director for Second Baptist Church of Kankakee, IL. She also continued to collaborate with several artists in the Chicagoland and Quad City area, recording three solo projects: "Undeniable," "Reincarnation," and "Linger." In 2015 Ms. Fontagne teamed up with local blues musician Shawn "Skoy" Harris to form the Ramblers. Harris, a devoted blues fan and musician, has had the opportunity to play with artists such as Billy Branch, Bernard Allison, and Gloria Hardiman. Ms. Fontagne and The Ramblers pay homage to their influences and offer original songs in a high energy, funky package featuring Harris on guitar, Andrew Durham on harmonica and tenor sax, Bob Rosenstiel laying down the bass and Bryan West rocking the drums.