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It's that time of year. We're gearing up for the Local Bands for Music Education fundraiser. This year, twenty bands and solo acts, an army of volunteers, the QC comedy community and hopefully a whole lot of Quad-citians will be taking over the River Music Experience to raise money on behalf of the elementary music programs at the East Moline school district.

We were searching for a district to support this year when Shannon Cornell of Moonshine Run brought the situation at East Moline to our attention. With the lack of funding from the state of Illinois, the already weakened music program was suffering. With a district stipend of just $70 to cover supplies for 350 students, the program was depending upon PTO bake sales to keep it afloat.

Raising money for elementary school music programs has been the intention of the Local Bands for Music Education benefit all along, so funding this program was a no-brainer. We couldn't in good conscience ignore a long-suffering music program in our metropolitan area.

Upon learning that we were raising money for East Moline children, the East Moline Police Benevolent and Protective Association stepped in to sponsor our main stage, followed quickly by Quad City Radon (a Moline business) on the solo stage and the Road Hawgs, an organization of East Moline police and fire fighters sponsoring the Performance Hall stage. These three organizations made this benefit possible.

The Karli Rose Kell Fund has graciously donated $1000 that will go directly to the programs at the District, making them our Platinum sponsor this year. We're so honored that Ellis and Kristi Kell offered this donation from the fund to help the East Moline kids.

Members of the comedy community will join us this year as emcees for the event. PTA members from the East Moline School district have joined our regular volunteers to work the event. For the first time we have a food vendor for the event. Those enjoying the music can stick around and grab a bite from Rolling Smoke. They'll be serving BBQ Pork and BBQ Chicken sandwiches.

We're awed by the response coming from all areas of the Quad-Cities to help the children of East Moline continue to have a quality music education program. This is what the annual event was intended to do - bring the community together to raise money for elementary music education.

The event: Local Bands for Music Education

Where: River Music Experience

When: Sunday, April 24, Noon-10 PM

Cost: $5 admission - kids 12 and under free!

The bands:

Jenny Lynn Stacy and the Dirty Roosters
Modern Mythology
Waking Robots
Plot Twist
Syde FX
Winter Blues All Stars 2016
Juliana & A Soul Purpose
QC Slim Blues Band
Sister Wife
Moonshine Run
Dead Forms
The Knockoffs
Shadow Stone
Rude Punch
Roger Carlson
Concreteslim and The Sidewalks (solo)
David G Smith
Lyle Harris

The comedy team:
Jessica Gordon
Ian Heaton
Benjamin Graham
Heather Nobling
Janice Chapman
Kody Hamlin

On a personal note: I'm honored and humbled to be working with all of these amazing people. It has always been the intention for this to be the community's event, with Local Scene just being another sponsor. This year some really caring people have stepped up. We continue to build this event every year, and every year I discover more people who want to support music education in our community. Thank you all!