Welcome to Local Scene Magazine

Welcome to Local Scene Magazine. On these pages you will find informative articles about area bands and venues, as well as a local music calendar and an A to Z listing of Quad-City area bands.

A little history:

In 2011, a little blog called Of Tech and Music arrived on the Quad-Cities scene. Written by Roberta Osmers, its original intention was merely to bring attention to the Quad-Cities music scene and follow her visits to weekend shows in the area. There has been a perception for years that the music scene in the Quad-cities was dying, yet there was evidence that it was still alive and well, and just needed more exposure and support. Local media outlets had calendar listings and wrote stories on big name bands or the occasional up-and-coming band that visited the area, but only paid attention to local bands when they had a CD release or did a show that was attached to something bigger.

The local scene needed a shot in the arm. So from November of 2011 until October of 2013, Of Tech and Music provided information about area bands and venues, including a listing every week of who was playing where in the upcoming weekend.

I am Roberta Osmers, the founder of Local Scene Magazine. And this is why we're here. Late in 2012, a local musician approached me and thanked me for writing my blog. He had moved here a few years ago and had difficulty finding music locally. Yes, the local media had their calendar listings, but there wasn't any information in those listings telling what sort of music the bands played. Going by the names of the bands was a crap shoot.

That story started ideas turning in my head. I occasionally travel for work, and know what it is like going into a strange city and trying to find live music. I wondered how many people sat in local hotel rooms with nothing to do simply because they didn't have the information they needed about live music. Here was an opportunity to promote the local scene. But how to do it?

Every week, I gathered information about who was playing where and inserted it into my blog. But I always seemed to miss a few shows. And I spent two evenings a week gathering that information. There had to be a better way. Out of this beginning came the idea for the interactive gig calendar - and links to an A to Z listing of bands. Now it is possible to go to the calendar, see who is playing, and then find out information on the same site about those bands. These sections of the site are still growing, as it takes time to get all the information entered... but stick around and watch it grow!

Hang with us while this little site grows. Check out the bands we list and the feature articles. Offer suggestions - our email address is info@localscenemag.com. We're looking to grow into the go-to place for your entertainment information.

Bands and Venues - register today for a log in, and we'll get you set up to add dates to the calendar. Calendar listings and band listings are free. If you don't see your band in the A-Z, send us a description with links to your sites, and we'll get it posted. If you have a photo you want used with the listing, send it along too. We're also selling ad space on the site. If you want information about advertising, the address (again) is info@localscenemag.com.


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