Christmas Wishes

I know I say this often, but I feel I must continue to say it until everyone within earshot (and then some) believes me. The Quad-cities has a very diverse and vibrant music scene full of caring individuals who not only want to play their music, but choose great causes to get behind and do so in droves. This year I have seen even more bands seeking out causes to support, rather than causes looking for bands to bolster their fundraising efforts. I commend you all for this. I'm honored and humbled to be allowed to work with such high-minded people.

For years I have had this vision of pulling all of the various genres and sub-genres together to start our own weekend of live music that would grow to something along the lines of South by Southwest in Austin. I know SXSW is more than a music festival though, and this year I have witnessed how other groups within our entertainment industry have also grown. Being a part of the tech community also, I know we could connect a tech conference to the event as well (just as is done in Austin). Imagine for a moment, tying all of the comedy, burlesque, theatre, arts and music together with one big bow and presenting it to the world as the Midwest's festival.

Just last week, Daytrotter announced a festival of their own, with hints that it might grow to SXSW proportions. I have my ticket already. Can you also imagine if all of the above groups worked together with Daytrotter to create the ultimate festival? I would just ask that it be moved to a little warmer time of year so that attendees could easily wander from one venue to another and enjoy all that is offered. Every theater, music venue, gallery and bar could take part. Our collective river fronts would be teeming with people, and our downtowns would come alive.

So yes... I'm a dreamer. As such, I cannot move mountains and make something of this caliber come alive without the rest of you to propel it forward. I can barely put on a little education fundraiser each year (more on that later). I've heard rumblings that I'm not the only one who has entertained these festival ideas. So I'm putting this out there in hopes that I can stir those minds into action and we can all be part of a whole much bigger than our parts.

This holiday season, I am grateful for the ability to have these conversations, for the people in our community who support the arts, and the fortitude that keeps us going in our respective fields every year. I am grateful for the diverse scene that allows me to document and promote. I am grateful for all the musicians and venues and all their hard work. And I'm grateful for the patience of all of you as I faced speed bumps this year that slowed me down in my quest to promote the scene.

May your holiday season be filled with peace, love and happiness, however you may find it.

In case you're wondering what to do for New Years Eve, watch for an article listing the local events that night. It's in the works.