What's Happening? Roberta's Blog

Instead of giving you a run-down on the places I went last week, I thought instead I might give an update on what is coming up this weekend. As before, there is a little of something for everyone.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is this little motorcycle rally that happens every Father’s Day weekend in Davenport. This year is no exception. What is exceptional is the number of local bands that will be playing this event. I’ve been away from it for a couple of years, and due to the bad timing of a good thing, I won’t make it again this year, but I want you to know who is there. From the looks of this list, there is a good variety of cover music involved.

Thursday you can catch QC area bands Moonshine Run, Crossroads and North of 40.

On Friday, look for Sugar Nipples and Divebomb from the QC – as well as 3 on the Tree from Fulton.

Karl Beatty, Long Blue Willie, Whiplash Abby, Hap Hazard, The Hooks, Doug Brundies, The Marvels, The Chris Avey Band, and Electric Shock will represent the QC on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon there is a music and art festival in downtown LeClaire. A good number of acoustic artists will be performing there, including Retro Ron, Roger Carlson, Rob Dahms and Antone Burton. There is a drum circle and a jam session planned as well. So if you’re looking for something a little more laid back, head up to LeClaire.

Care to road trip to Geneseo for a new music experience? There is a music festival there Saturday as well – you can see a variety of music including: Maple Leaf Squares, River City 6, Erik Edmonds, the 144th Army Band, The Blue-eyed Bettys, Jeff Brown, Genna & Jesse and Molly Conrad. That’s a full day of music!

Three Years Hollow, Girl on Fire and Eleven Fifty Two will rock the district with Bret Michaels Saturday night – and Here Come the Mummies will rock that stage Friday night with 10 of Soul opening.

Remember – all the outdoor venues have opened, and the weather looks to be pretty nice for a couple of days anyway. You can catch live music in the early evening hours several nights a week now.

So… get out and enjoy some live music this weekend!