A Little Promotion - Roberta's Blog

I’ve seen some changes in the QC music scene – the whole music scene, not just one genre or sub-genre – all of our wonderfully diverse and happening scene.

I’m seeing more locations willing to host some sort of live music. And I’ve seen shows including multiple genres, with more on the horizon. Today I was working on the Local Scene Calendar and noticed there are even more weeknight shows than there were last year. Not just the usual summer fare with the city-sponsored outdoor shows – but bars that are hosting live music on weeknights. We could use more of those, but I’m ecstatic to see a movement in that direction.

I love that on any Friday or Saturday night, you’ll find nearly every genre of music performed somewhere in the QC area. There’s something for everyone! Now… if we could just get all those shows promoted somehow… oh wait…

Thanks to a handful of bands that have started posting their own shows on the calendar, Stan Furlong for posting Blues Society sponsored shows, and Cristina Amador-Perez who has been helping me with a big chunk of the research and posting, I’ve had more time to research and seek out shows that are not as well promoted. We still have a long ways to go, no doubt, but word is getting out and that calendar is looking mighty healthy. I would love to see more bands and venues posting their own shows on the calendar.

That would free up time to work on things like … the A to Z listings … currently there are still less than 100 bands listed there. I’ve been adding bands as they send information, but I don’t have the time to research and add bands as I did when I first started this little project. So if you would like to be listed, send me the information and I’ll get it posted!

And time to work on… more articles… although I write at the very least a blog post every week, I would love to have more content about our local bands on the site. I hate the thought of missing out on a CD release or tour kick-off, but it happens. And I would like to get back to writing feature articles as well. If you would like your band to be featured for whatever reason (or no good reason at all), please let’s schedule an interview and get it done. Oh – and if you are someone who is so inclined and would like to write a feature about a favorite band, let me know! Local Scene is about supporting the scene, not about Roberta writing…

That goes for photos too – you may have seen on the Facebook page that I’ve been featuring photos from other photographers. Why not support our local photographers who are out there shooting at shows? They’re part of the scene too. And I can’t be everywhere (though I certainly try). With such an active scene, it is good to have other people supporting it. Photographers, I won’t feature your photos unless you give me the A-O-K. And I’ll make sure to link back to your pages so you not only get credit for the photos, but people who want to see them can also get to your page to see more of your work.

One final note – so far, I have been the sole financial support for Local Scene Magazine. I haven’t sold any advertising, and I haven’t taken donations. There are a couple of venues that regularly allow me to come in and shoot shows without paying cover, but my current personal outlay to shoot shows is close to $200 a month. Yes… that’s on top of the web hosting, app hosting, developer fees (for the app – I have to pay Apple $100 a year to be allowed to provide a free app through their store), and other random costs associated with the magazine. The people who have helped me thus far are all volunteers. We don’t get paid. We do this for the love of our scene.

Some of that has to change. My vision all along has been to put a print copy of at least a bi-monthly magazine in every hotel room in the city, so visitors know where to find live music. I believe this is a viable way to take our local music scene to greater heights. I still want to do that, but can’t afford the printing costs myself. So I will be exploring either going completely non-profit in order to get grants and accept donations, or going commercial and selling advertising space. I’m not interested in getting rich off our music scene. It would be nice to have the magazine support itself at some point, in some way. If you have experience in either direction and can offer a little advice or assistance in getting me there, please get in touch!