Taking It Easy 8-9-12

Although it was not a slow week in the local music scene, Roberta slowed down and took it easy this week. After running all over the Mississippi Valley Fair Thursday, I made it to my weekly John O’Meara Jam date at The Muddy Waters. It was a short night for me though, as a day in the sun sapped most of my energy.
I’ve been taking fewer photos the last couple of weeks at Jam night, and haven’t posted any of them either. I’ll be doing some “make-up” posting in my Flickr page soon. Some nights the music is just so good I forget there's a camera in my hands!

Friday night I took a night off from live music and spent a relaxing, enjoyable evening at a friend’s party. I met some really cool people and hopefully made a couple of new friends. As much as I love my live music, it was good to slow down and just visit with a few people.

Saturday night was another 1st Impression party in Muscatine. I find it odd that I can go to so many awesome live music events in the QC and not see the same sort of crowd I see when I go to Muscatine. And I truly believe it’s not just 1st Impression that is experiencing the Muscatine phenomenon, but other bands as well. I took a few photos Saturday night from the fire escape just to show how those Muscatine folks behave. They all crowd as close as they can to the stage. Some dance, but most just want to be up there by the band. And on the outdoor stage at The Missipi Brew, they quite often join the band right on stage. I’ve always known there was a crowd at the Brew gigs, but the view from the top of the fire escape had quite an impact for me. Those folks in Muscatine really know how to support live music!

I’m not saying people in the QC don’t support live music – really I’m not. I’ve seen some good sized crowds at local shows. But the behavior is different here. Muscatine gives local acts the same sort of treatment they would give a big money show.

Sunday I headed for the Captains Table and checked in with Nervous Rex. What a surprise when I arrived and discovered the band had a new member! Nervous Rex welcomed LeAnna to their stage to play keys and provide some female vocals. I missed a good chunk of the show, so didn’t get to see much of LeAnna. Vid James tells me she’s a strong keyboardist. I hope to catch them again soon so I can hear her play.

This week

Holy Cow! Things are hopping! There aren’t very many idle bands this week
Today (Thursday):
Ambushed is playing the outdoor stage at Bass Street Landing, Rude Punch is playing at RIBCO. John O’Meara’s Jam is at The Muddy Waters, and the Avey Brothers are at Rascals.

The Candymakers take the stage at The Muddy Waters, Cosmic is playing the 11th Street Precinct, Sugar Nipples are playing The Rusty Nail with openers The Night People. Sin City is at the River House, Phyllis and the Sharks are at Martinis on the Rock, and Machine Gun Willie is in East Moline at Jimbos Knucklehead.

Smooth Groove is at Martinis on the Rock. The Night People are at Salute on 7th, Serious Business is on stage at The Muddy Waters, Crossroads is playing the Mound Street Landing. Simon Says Uncle is playing the Rusty Nail with openers Hifi. And The Strange Neighbors Reunion (featuring Alan Sweet of the Candymakers) is playing the Redstone Room with guest Jason Carl.

There are two festivals this weekend:

YaMaka My Weekend in the district features:
Friday – Great Barrier Reefs, Roots Vibration, Chicago’s Reggae All Stars.
Saturday- TwoPeace, Great Barrier Reefs, Ugochi & Afro Soul Effect, Lazo & the Radicals, Rude Punch, Roots Vibration, Yard Squad, and Dubtonic Kru & Cool Johnny Cool

TugFest in Leclaire and Port Byron will feature:
Tonight – Caught In The Act (LC), Fair Haven (PB)
Friday – North of 40 (LC), Dirt Road Rockers (PB)
Saturday – Wild Oatz (LC), High Drama (PB), Corporate Rock (PB)

So get out and enjoy some live music!