H. C. Wallace

H. C. Wallace is a songwriter who puts his passion and study of music to work in his original pieces. Picking up the violin at the age of 6 he was put on the path that ultimately brought him to the electric guitar at age 13. After a series of disgruntled neighbors he put down the electric guitar and began focusing on the acoustic guitar at the age of 16. His body of original works covers blues, jazz, rock, and classical styles. Recently, he recorded a debut EP at the legendary Rax Trax Studios in Chicago, IL that will be released this spring. It features local artists Zach Harris, Matt Sivertsen, Drew Irion, Zack Johnson, Justin Mooney, Bob Rosensteil, Jordan Danielsen, and Kelly Wagner. You can find him playing his music with the band Crazy Blue at wineries and clubs in the area.