Formed almost overnight in late 2014, The Blacklights took on a life of its own. Solo keyboardist/vocalist EmJay and bassist Beej Dillard were in the midst of another creative project when EmJay was asked to play a solo set at a well-known music venue and event. Nonchalantly, she threw the idea out to work up a few songs together, and The Blacklights were formed. Joined by Matt Agjishigiri (drums), Brett Stanton (guitar), Sam Carothers (guitar), Solo Shaner (percussion) and Otis Holmes (vocals), the Blacklights continues to grow and gain momentum.

The idea behind this band was to create an ego-free environment where all players can feel welcome to share working ideas. We had all been in bands before and had experienced ego-centric situations where good ideas would go unnoticed. The band that writes together, stays together. We break bread and share ideas... When a few of us move on to be grown ups, the band will continue to grow and evolve for the second generation. We are a collective, a family of creative beings meant to marry the sound of classic soul, neo-soul, funk and indie rock in this community. Our music grows with the scene around us!

Emily "EmJay" Jawoisz