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Sometimes I find a show to be so enjoyable it is difficult to drag myself away. That happened three times this weekend. I found myself getting up early this past weekend and then staying out late – later than I intended.

My first musical stop Friday night was Bleyart’s in the Village of East Davenport. Jordan Danielsen and Jef Spradley were playing there. This would be the first time I’ve seen Jef as a drummer. These guys play really well together and are a lot of fun. It was difficult to leave and I stayed a bit longer than intended.

I stopped by the Redstone Room for the One Family One Night benefit. In conversation with Kate Benson I learned that she originally booked Lion in Rome and they asked to convert the show to a benefit for the Keemle family to raise money for a handicapped accessible van. Benson added Chicago band Bailiff to the show as they were a good match for the local bands involved.

Bailiff, a rock band with a distinct middle-eastern tone was on stage when I arrived. The 3 piece group was technically tight, unique and sounded really good. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the QC again.

The Lion in Rome was up next. This local rock band has a great sound and were obviously a crowd favorite. There was a great turnout for this show, and I hear the charity raised a great deal of money. I stayed longer than I intended, but the music from both bands was so good it pulled me in and kept me there.

Tambourine opened the show, but I missed their set. I’ll be looking for them again sometime soon.

Friday night was also the first night of RIBCO’s Battle of Bands series. Due to staying later at the RME, I missed the first band of the night, Crater, and Gain the Wolf was already on stage. This QC area indie rock band creates a distinct almost ethereal rock sound with melodic vocals.

Trippin Molly wrapped up the competition for the night with a great set. I’ve never seen this band out of the Dixon, Illinois area and was impressed with their strong sound. I look forward to catching them again soon.

I’m sorry to have missed Crater. It looks like I will get another chance to see them as they were voted the winner of this round. Given the strong competition they faced in this first round, I’m really looking forward to catching them in the final round.

Saturday night I began my night at the Redstone Room, checking out the new version of the Winter Blues All Stars. The kids did really well on their first show out, and I can’t wait to see them playing at the Local Bands for Music Education Benefit.

I stuck around for a little of Anthony Gomes set. Gomes is a very technical guitarist and is fun to watch. His supporting band really rounds out his sound with a great bottom end, from the bassist who lays down one of the deepest grooves I hear in touring bands, to his top-line drummer.

I finished out my Saturday night at Brady Street Pub with Crazy Blue. My intention Saturday night was to be home early after a very long day, but the music at BSP was so good this night, and the crowd was fun, so I stayed until the show was over – and set my camera aside often to dance. Guest musicians joined in the fun, and at one point there were three drummer/percussionists on stage. The night ran a little late for the band too, as they were only scheduled until 12, ran until nearly 1 AM, but not ending before a magnificent cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

So there you have it. The life of a live music fan. Early mornings and late nights, mixed with a generous helping of great sound.

This week there is another round of competition at RIBCO and don’t forget the Ellis Kell band 25th Anniversary at the Redstone Room. There is Blues at The Muddy Waters with Kinsey Report, and the Fat Fish in Galesburg with Danielle Nicole (the amazing bassist/vocalist from Trampled Under Foot). The AC/DC tribute, Electric Shock is back, headlining a show at The Hawkeye with Bad Hair. And there’s a whole lot more music to be found, just watch our calendar at:

We’re in for a bit of a warm-up for the weekend, so enjoy yourselves and get out to enjoy some live music!