The (QC) Music Never Ends - Roberta's Blog

It has come to pass that I no longer have to go looking for live music. Now, live music seems to find me, even when I’m doing something completely non-music related. Thursday night was an example of this when I went for a ladies spa evening with a friend.

After the manicures and massages, we stopped in at Harrington’s for a beverage and as we opened the door, realized we had walked into a Chuck Murphy gig. Of course, it wouldn’t be an evening with Chuck without the cursory “add someone’s name to a song”, and of course, that included The Weight… and yeah, he called me a dog again. Hopefully that was just for old times’ sake. On the serious side – Chuck says he really is planning to stop playing all these live music shows, work on his original music, and already has a day job lined up. So if you haven’t been to see him in a while, or haven’t been at all and want to – you might want to make it soon.

Friday night I checked in at RIBCO to see Half Naked and Moon Hooch. Though I have seen Half Naked before, there was the added attraction of Emily Jawoisz on vocals. And Moon Hooch looked to be a really great show that I couldn’t pass up. Chatting with Jon Moss between sets, I learned that Emily will be joining them more often for several songs. Unfortunately, I only caught one song before she had to dash off to another gig in Iowa City.

I’ve seen some interesting specialty bands – The Ghost Wolves and the QC’s own Post Mortems come to mind. Though I had some idea of what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when Moon Hooch took the stage at RIBCO Friday night. The trio rocked RIBCO with two saxophonists and a drummer. No guitar, no bass, just horns and drums.

There are questions swirling around in my head about Saturday night. Did we witness the rebirth of a scene that some thought was dead? Or was it just lying dormant? In any case, if you were anywhere near downtown Davenport Saturday night, you may have felt the super-charged atmosphere as the Quad Cities Hard Core scene gathered to rock the Redstone Room.

Kicking the night off, Cool Off warmed up the nearly sell-out crowd.
The second band for the evening was the host band, Straight Up. Straight Up’s pop-punk sound seemed a little soft in comparison to the hardcore bands on either side of them in the lineup, as vocalist Andrew Grimes was quick to point out. But they have gathered a following within the hard core family and put on an energetic and well received set of their original music.

Next up was King of Clubz. This QC Hard Core band is preparing for a European tour, and Saturday’s concert was possibly their last US stop before crossing the pond. Their bassist was unable to attend, so Jeff White, bassist for Straight Up stepped into that role for the night.

The final band for the night was Ignite the Will. This was a highly anticipated reunion, as it has been 4 years since their last reunion show. Vocalist Matt Johnson addressed the emotional ties and reasons for coming back to play the reunion show in this scene, and pointed out to the crowd that the QC scene was alive and kicking.

After all that, you would think my night was over…. no, not quite. I headed back over to RIBCO as In the Flesh was just getting underway. I caught this show last year – guitarist Paul Willaert is a Davenport native, and they hit up RIBCO once a year. I’m a big Pink Floyd fan… and these guys (and gal) know how to put on a Floyd show. From the size of the audience, I would say a lot of people in the QC understand what kind of a show they will get from In the Flesh. Musically, their sound is on par with Floyd, and the show was definitely worth a second take. I did miss the first half of the first set, which from photos I’ve since seen included a guitar solo from the balcony.

Up this week – Patio is celebrating a CD release at Rascals tonight with special guests Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band. There’s a multi-band show at Bierstube including Earth Ascending, and a Rockabilly show at RIBCO with the Legendary Shack Shakers, The Krank Daddies and The One Night Standards. Saturday the Ballroom Thieves return to the Redstone room, with special guests the Oarsmen, and so many more events listed on our calendar!

The weather may have turned colder, but the Quad Cities Music Scene is hot! So come in from the cold and enjoy some live music!