Roberta's Blog - a Long Weekend of Music

Labor Day weekend just kept giving and giving…
Friday evening when I arrived at 2nd and Main I could hear Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band in full swing. It was a beautiful evening and the courtyard at the RME was packed. Labor Day weekend was starting off on a great note. Or several. For those not in the know, Jason Carl and crew have a lively sound, playing a mix of rock originals and classic covers.
Following the RME summer concert, I met up with a few people and drove over to the Broken Saddle to check out a new duo. Barstool Boogaloo stepped out for their inaugural show on the stage at this newer country bar, and featured Tom Swanson, guitarist for Jim the Mule, which is now on indefinite hiatus.

Maureen Carter has sprung from the Busted Chandeliers with a successful solo bid. She opened for Barstool Boogaloo at the Broken Saddle Friday night. Each time I see Maureen, she’s added a new song – and this time not only did she add one, but it was brand-new out of the box, her first time playing it out. It was well received and hopefully will become part of her regular song list.

Next stop was a visit to RIBCO, and a chance to catch Cheese Pizza in all their glory. I know I’ve recently seen these guys, but felt another trip was warranted. They put on quite the show, and can really keep a crowd stirred up.

Saturday I checked out two more local acts. I began the night at RIBCO to catch Meet the Press on the outdoor stage there. They were opening for the Travoltas, and though I’ve seen the latter already, I decided the $12 ticket was worth catching these guys on the outdoor stage. Meet the Press has been honing their show over the past year and has become quite the trio of showmen. Their original music really rocks – and their covers do, too.

I didn’t stick around for the Travoltas, but instead headed across the river to check out The Downtown Rockin’ Daddies at The Muddy Waters. This Rockabilly band, bundled with a whole lot of fun, includes talented members who are all QC area music veterans. The whole room was whoopin and hollerin’. Watch for them again soon, and make sure to see them. You won’t be disappointed!

It was a holiday weekend, and that meant an extra evening out. Though I had plans to attend a private picnic that evening, it segued into one of the best jam sessions I’ve ever attended. Several musicians descended upon Alan Sweet’s show at The Muddy Waters Sunday evening and turned it into a night to remember.

I still get calls and messages from people asking me who is playing where in the upcoming weekend. I do my best to remember as much as I can, but I have this handy app on my phone to help me keep track. That’s the Local Scene app – not only does it have all the articles and blog posts on it, but you will also find the A to Z listings and most importantly, it links to our calendar page. You can get that app here:{t:768x66@64}


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Meet the Press

Hey, Roberta!

Thanks so much for the kind words, but more than that, thank you for making the effort (and paying the big cover) to work us into your schedule! We really appreciate it!