New Beginnings

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a hard time just sitting with music. Great music inspires me to create – which is why you always see me busy with my camera at live music events. The pandemic has been exceptionally difficult. I’ve had to find other sources of creativity, among all the unusual work and bluster that has gone with this year.

Belatedly, I want to talk about all the musicians who have taken their music online this past year. A whole year of Zoom, Facebook live, Youtube Live, StageIt and whatever other platforms you could find to be seen and heard. I just want you all to know someone heard you! Even when we were dealing with Zoom fatigue from long days at the computer for meetings and/or classes, chats with loved ones, and every. Single. Thing. that went online… we found time to listen to our favorites. I personally found that I enjoyed everything better if I could watch it on my TV rather than my computer or phone. The larger screen was a break away from sitting at the computer, an quite honestly, brought musicians right into my living room.

Today I sat and listened to Avey Grouws Band’s livestream anniversary concert, much as I have listened/watched so many others’ live streams all year. The new music they debuted this afternoon found me daydreaming of the first time I would see these songs performed live and in person. Like so many others, I am very anxious for live music. As soon as I’m fully vaccinated, I will be out to shoot whatever shows I can. Count on it.

The new Avey Grouws music debuted on the first day of spring carries with it the promise of a new and better future. In whatever form I can do it, Local Scene Magazine will be there to document, to promote, and to celebrate it with all of you.