Building New QC Music Connections: Month of Music

There's something big brewing in the Quad Cities tonight, and I'm not talking about beer!

About 50 people attended a first meeting of local entities interested in participating in a "Month of Music" in August of 2020. Some represented organizations that already have music in that month, some were considering joining in, others were curious. There were also a few like me who are about building our music scene and promoting music events.

The River Music Experience hosted the meeting, and Tyson Danner, CEO, spoke about the things RME could do to help promote the effort. Charlotte Morrison from Visit Quad Cities also provided information. Danner asked for suggestions from the group and also asked about matching musicians to groups who were interested in hosting music.

Ideas discussed included bringing live music into workplaces, having three or more live music events every day in the month of August, including smaller venues and non-traditional venues. Multiple free events, and combined ticketing discounts for events that need to have ticketing. Danner emphasized that this is a collaboration and that anyone interested is welcome and should reach out to him or to Visit Quad Cities.

This is only the beginning folks! Here's an opportunity to take part in a regional initiative - on the ground floor. I was excited to see people from so many groups involved already, and hope to see even more familiar faces join the effort. This will be an opportunity to showcase the entire Quad Cities music scene in multiple ways for an entire month! And there are opportunities within this for non-traditional venues to pop up! If you haven't ever hosted live music in your space, but would like to consider it, reach out and see what options are there for you. If you are planning a live music event during the month of August, why not check into making it a part of the larger event and maybe make use of the group marketing effort to increase your footprint?

This initiative is going to grow, so stay tuned!