Roberta's Blog - New Music and a Festival

Sometimes the things we would like to do get sidetracked for one reason or another. Such was the case last weekend. But sidetracked isn’t always a bad thing – and I needed a new perspective anyway.

Due to changes in press access for River Roots Live, I found myself on the outside looking in this year. And though I know some photographers dove into the crowd in front of the stage and got some great photos, I just wasn’t up for all that. I did catch a few of the acts though, and I made sure to be there for The Dawn’s opening set. Though The Dawn has been around for a long time and has multiple CDs, this new lineup is releasing a CD with a brand-new sound. Their CD release party is Saturday, August 23rd at Len Brown’s North Shore Inn. They opened River Roots Live with a sound as big (and as tight) as any of the touring acts that play the big stage. They’re looking forward to a set at Phases of the Moon, a new festival in Danville next month. Look for big things from this band – they could easily become a festival staple in next year’s lineups across the Midwest.

The Ballroom Thieves were tuned up and ready to go on the smaller stage after The Dawn’s set. Thanks to an introduction from Kate Benson and Bret Dale last winter, the Ballroom Thieves are becoming a favorite of the Redstone Room regulars. The trio has a very distinct sound, and I was looking forward to their set. To add to the anticipation, I learned that Bret Dale would be playing a song with them as well. He fit in amazingly well with the acoustic band, adding a little more electricity to the mix.

Instead of staying all night at River Roots Live this year, I decided to take in a couple of local shows. My first stop Friday night was at RIBCO.

Meet Kronos Resistor:

In search of the god
That damned my dream
To the black ashes of death
Torn from the living world and earth
Look at the tomb and stain of our loneliest man
A hunger for life lingers
To come back
From the depths
Of the frightful abyss
-Kronos Resistor

Kronos Resistor opened for Archimedes Death Ray and Crater Friday night. I stayed for their set. They came out of the gate strong – this was their first show, but it felt like a seasoned band. Metal lovers, you need to check out this progressive metal project. There is another opportunity to catch them Sunday at Bier Stube.

Friday night was another first, as QCSlim played their first Muddy Waters gig. I stopped in to check out Slim Kain and his band. Slim has been a favorite at several area blues jams, and has done guest spots with a couple of bands, but it has been a while since we’ve seen him in a dedicated band. Welcome back, Slim! It’s good to hear you play.

I also made a stop at the after-party show Earth Ascending was putting on at Brady Street Pub. Earth Ascending is a progressive/psychedelic band with a lot going on.
I spent Saturday afternoon shooting at a wedding, so missed the local bands that played at River Roots Live. I did head over there and catch some of ZZ Ward and all of Foxxy. But as the sun set, I found myself wandering away from the stage and the crowd. Eventually I called it a night.

There are a whole bunch of bands playing this weekend - Nikki has had to work her fingers to the bone entering them all in the calendar this week. In fact, there were additions after I sent the list to her, so I put in a few as well - and they are still coming in! Check our Facebook page for posters for details on some shows as well. We'll do everything in our power to help local bands and venues promote shows. We just need the information so we can pass it along. I usually spend a few hours scouring websites looking for information early every week, and then pass it along to Nikki Madison to do data entry for Thursday through Saturday. Shows the rest of the week get added to the calendar as I have time, as well as shows that come to me after Tuesday. I'm so very thankful that Nikki has been helping with the data entry, but I hope someday to put her out of a job. That will only happen when most of the area bands are entering their own shows in our calendar.

Just a reminder too - I have space in the site for guest bloggers and always welcome guest articles. Want to write an informational article about a favorite band or venue? Or maybe you would like to blog about music happenings in the QC. I don't expect anyone to hit the number of shows I do, but I see some of you nearly everywhere - it would be great to get more perspectives here. My last note for today - If you're a musician and are interested in being part of a music review board - please drop me a line! Local Scene is active on several social networking sites, and our Twitter following is picking up a lot of bands world wide. I've received emails asking for reviews of albums - one came from a Canadian band. I'm not a reviewer - and I really don't want to start. But I think it would be very cool to have musicians review each other's work.

Get out and enjoy some live music this week! Check our calendar!