Local Musicians Featured on the Local Scene Stage

The 31st Mississippi Valley Blues Festival returned to its roots and as part of that return, showcased the mighty musical talent found right here in the Quad Cities. The inaugural Local Scene Stage was a tremendous hit, so the Mississippi Valley Blues Society is pleased to announce the return of the Local Scene Stage to the 32nd Mississippi Valley Blues Festival. Local talent will be presented between Bandshell stage sets. In some cases, entire bands are represented. Some of those bands have formed for this event. In other sessions, we can see the formation of jam groups, much like those that can be witnessed at any one of several jam sessions/nights/open mics that take place all over the Quad Cities every night of the week. We have a tentative schedule of who you might see on that stage at approximate times during set changes on the Bandshell. The participants and times are subject to change. Tremendous thanks goes to Ricardo Burris who assembled and organized the musicians for this part of the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest!

Friday Night Schedule:

4 - 5 Stingers

Chris Avey
Bryan West
Ian Farmer
Andrew Durham
Ethan Goode
Ric Burris

6 - 630 QC Slim

8 - 830 Susan Williams band

Susan Williams
Darryl Wright
Rob Davis
Mike Gallemore

10 10-30 Phyllis Wethington Band

Phyllis Wethington
Gary Wethington
Jim Van Hefty
Joshua Kain
Larry Davidson

Saturday Schedule

12 -1 Ellis Kell Blues All stars

2 - 230 Reggie & the Three Notes

4-430 David Berntson

6 - 630 Frankie Fontagne & the Ramblers

Frankie Fontagne
Bob Rosenstiel
Andrew Durham
Shawn "Young Skoy" Harris
Jamie Hopkins

8 -830. Avey / Grouws Band

10 - 1030 QC BLUES MOB