2016 Mississippi Valley Blues Festival

31st Mississippi Valley Blues Festival July 1 & 2, 2016

Gate Opens One Hour Before Music Begins
2016 Schedule

5:00-6:30 Frankie Fontagne & the Ramblers
7:00-8:30 Toronzo Cannon
9:00-10:30 Tweed Funk
11:00-12:30 Shawn Holt & the Teardrops

Blues Fest Artist: Frankie Fontagne and the Ramblers


5:00-6:30 Frankie Fontagne and the Ramblers

Blues Fest Artist: Toronzo Cannon

Toronzo Cannon

Bandshell, Friday, July 1

7:00-8:30 Toronzo Cannon

Blues Fest Artist: Tweed Funk

Tweed Funk

Bandshell, Friday, July 1

9:00-10:30 Tweed Funk

Blues Fest Artist: Shawn Holt & the Teardrops

Shawn Holt & The Teardrops

Bandshell, Friday, July 1

11:00-12:30 Shawn Holt & the Teardrops

Blues Fest Artist: Juliana & a Soul Purpose

Juliana & a Soul Purpose

Bandshell Saturday, July 2

1:30-2:30 Juliana & a Soul Purpose

Blues Fest Artist: Shane Johnson's Blue Train

Shane Johnson's Blue Train

Bandshell, Saturday, July 2

3:00-4:30 Shane Johnson’s Blue Train

Blues Fest Artist: Ellis Kell Band

Ellis Kell Band

Bandshell, Saturday, July 2

5:00-6:30 Ellis Kell Band

Blues Fest Artist: Laura Rain & the Caesars

Laura Rain

Bandshell, Saturday, July 2

7:00-8:30 Laura Rain & the Caesars

Blues Fest Artist: Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat

Jim Suhler

Bandshell, Saturday, July 2

9:00-10:30 Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat

Blues Fest Artist - Cash Box Kings

Cash Box Kings

Bandshell, Saturday, July 2

11:00-12:30 Cash Box Kings

"The Cash Box Kings rule the roost! This band has taken old school Chicago blues and brought it jumping and hollering into the 21st century. I’ve seen a lot of bands play this style of music, but I gotta say these guys take that old school sound and go somewhere new with it"—Dan Aykroyd.

Local Musicians Entertain at Blues Fest - Updated!

The 31st Mississippi Valley Blues Festival is returning to its roots and as part of that return, is showcasing the mighty musical talent found right here in the Quad Cities. To that end, the Local Scene stage in the beer tent will be presenting local talent in between sets on the Bandshell stage. In some cases, entire bands are represented, in others, we see the formation of jam groups, much like those that can be witnessed at any one of several jam sessions/nights that take place all over the Quad Cities every night of the week.

Blueskool Artist: Kevin "B.F." Burt

Kevin Burt

Blueskool: Saturday July 2

1:30-2:30 Kevin Burt

Blueskool Artist: 2016 Winter Blues All Stars

2016 Winter Blues All Stars

BlueSKool, Saturday, July 2

2:45-3:45 Winter Blues AllStars

Blueskool Artist: David Berntson

David Berntson

BlueSKool Saturday, July 2

4:00-5:00 David Berntson

RME announces new class in revamped Sound Lab

DAVENPORT - After sitting dormant for a few years, the River Music Experience's Sound Lab has come back to life.

The first new course offered in the Sound Lab is called Roots in Recording, lasts for one month, and focuses on the basics of digital recording - including signal flow, miking techniques and Protools software.

Roots in Recording is taught by one of the RME's own sound engineers, Andrew Henry. Henry received a degree in recording arts from Full Sail University, has been working with live sound for over five years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the class.