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Slow Down and Enjoy the (live) Music! 4-12-12

Danika Holmes and Band at Heros Pub
Jeff Hazen of Simon Says Uncle
Lee Blackmon on the patio at The Muddy Waters

Friday night at Hero’s Pub in Davenport, my conversation with Danika Holmes went as follows:

Danika – Hey! Great to see you!

Me – Hey! I’m glad I came out!

Danika – So where are you off to next?

Actually, that’s the same conversation we had the week before. Hmm…

So Much To Do So Little Time - Live Music in the Quad Cities 4-6-12

What a busy weekend for the music scene! Technically it’s becoming more like there is music happening somewhere in the Quad-cities every night of the week. My music week started Thursday night with the Johnny O Jam at the Muddy Waters. The usual suspects were there, including John T. O’Meara and Perry Hultgren. This week we saw some talented young musicians, including bass player Johnny Pena. The Thursday night jams at Muddy’s are great listening, especially if, like me, you love blues. I could listen to that all night… if I didn’t have to get up in the morning to go to work!

Shameless Plug for My Favorite Band? 3-29-12

I wasn’t out and about this past weekend like I have been recently. Family obligations kept me busy all week, including Friday. Saturday night I was in Muscatine with 1st Impression. For those who don’t know me all that well – I’ve known Lyle Harris for 20 years (gosh we’re old!) and Becky Anson since the early days of the band, more than 12 years ago. John Biondo and his awesome wife Tanya have become like family as well. I manage their Facebook page and Tweet their announcements. I’ve shot all the videos on their Youtube channel too.

St. Patrick's Weekend in the QC - 3-22-12

I headed out March 16 to visit old friends and make a few new friends. It turned out to be a great night, with some surprising and unusual musical instruments.

More Quad Cities Live Music 3-15-12

Last Friday, I finally went out to see a band that’s been on my wish list for a while, the Dirt Road Rockers. These guys have good energy and a great sound, and I really enjoyed the set. I got a few decent photos and shot some video (though I haven’t had the opportunity to review the video yet). Martini’s on the Rock (in Rock Island) is a cool place, but seems so small for a hard-rocking band. Maybe I’ll get lucky enough this summer to catch an outdoor show there on a nice night. And I’ll be looking for another opportunity to catch DRR as well.

Live Music - Weekend in the Quad Cities 3-8-12

I’m going to have to start calling this blog the Weekend Review (or something like that). Only this week, I’m adding a little bit about a weekday.

One day last week, I made a special trip downtown Davenport to Barrelhouse 211. I was meeting my son for dinner anyway, and he had a class downtown. I had heard that Danika Holmes was going to be playing an acoustic gig that night, and though I’ve mentioned her before in the blog, I haven’t had the opportunity to see her play. Here was my chance.

Dominant What? 3-4-12


Oscar Wilde


Tom Cruise

Mark Hamill

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hugh Jackman

Jim Carrey


Albert Einstein

Ben Franklin

Nikola Tesla

What great company! I have something in common with all these people. It’s known as Cross-Dominance. (And it’s not one bit kinky).

Giving Back 3-1-12

I recently tweeted about setting up some computers that were being donated to some very lucky GED students, and that it was one of the reasons I work for a non-profit. I see this job as my opportunity to give back to some of the organizations that helped me out when I needed it. Yes, it’s a non-profit and the pay isn’t the best – and yes, I’m overeducated for my position. But one of the things I love about my job is that I’ve found a way to use my IT education and skills to assist others – and give them opportunities I didn’t have.

Women and Finance 2-24-12

Recently, a younger Facebook friend ranted about an older woman in one of her community college classes, who was in school because she had to go to work to support herself after becoming a widow. This woman was old enough to be on social security – and her problem occurred when her husband passed away, she learned there was no savings, and his social security for her would be cut. My young friend was angry at the woman for not planning in advance with her husband for a possible bleak future without him, and receiving social security even though she never worked outside their home.

Live Music is Alive and Well in the Quad Cities 2-22-12

Last weekend I saw more proof than ever that we have a hot music scene right here in the Quad-cities. Although I’ve been hearing rumblings to the contrary from some quarters, I witnessed some really cool and busy events with my own eyes. I wish I could have been everywhere, but I’m only one person, and really want to spend enough time at each location to really get a feel for what is going on. Not only that… but this old gal sometimes needs her sleep too!