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Music and More. It's summer and that Means... 6-14-12

I wonder if anyone thought I might be skipping the live music blog this week. Absolutely NOT! On top of all my other activities, I hit a few live music shows too, and I absolutely have to remind everyone to attend a certain motorcycle rally…

We Are Young 6-13-12

I’ll admit it - I’m a theater geek. I have been since I was oh… 15 or 16. I’ve even done something recently, though I took a few years off. (You can read about my not-so-stellar return to the stage at Sudden Theater in a previous post.)

An Anniversary Celebration and New Orleans 6-6-12

I feel so blessed to know so many great, gracious local musicians. And it seems like I’m meeting new people every week. Most are really receptive to having an amateur photographer/blogger hanging around. I get to see a lot of positive in the music community in this area. I’m especially happy to see musicians with a night off popping in to support other musicians. That’s sort of how I got started doing my blog… I don’t have a regular gig anymore. When people ask me what I’m doing musically these days, I tell them I’m singing with whoever will have me.

Live Music Everywhere! 5-31-12

Thursday night was another cool blues and hot rock jam night at The Muddy Waters. We were once again treated to a cross-section of musicians, including part of the Blues Challenge contender band: “Serious Business”.

Saturday evening, I could be found at The Grape Life, where Lee Blackmon was performing. It was an unusually quiet evening, but there was a good crowd and they enjoyed Lee’s “sideways” music.

You Never know Who Might Show Up 5-17-12

As has pretty much become customary, I started out my weekend on Thursday night at The Muddy Waters for Johnny O’s Jam. I no more than walked in the door and I ran into Lee Blackmon. Literally – I think I turned a corner and walked into him! I took Lee up on an offer to sit at his table, as the room was already beginning to fill. It looked to be another good jam night. A few minutes later, Retro Ron made an appearance. There were also a few faces I didn’t recognize.

John O’Meara was on the stage with some of the regulars, including Perry Hultgren and Ron LaPuma

Did That Guy Just Call Me a Dog? 5-9-12

Yes, yes he did… but it’s not like it sounds. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Still in recovery mode from last week’s conference, I planned to take it easy Friday night. My one and only stop for the evening ended up being Hero’s Pub in Davenport. I really thought I would just drop in for a bit at Hero’s and then run down to The Muddy Waters to see what was up with Serious Business. But I ended up staying later at Hero’s than intended and decided it was too late to make that drive to downtown Bettendorf. The band would be finished before I got there!

From Cool Blues to Face Melting Metal 5-3-12

Is that Grace singing White Rabbit?
Lee Blackmon caters to all ages
Vid's final show with Wicked Nature
Evolution melts faces

Thursday evening I started my weekend out in the usual fashion – Johnny O’s Jam session at The Muddy Waters. We saw some folks back from last week – and from what they told me, they’re loving Muddy’s and loving Johnny O, so they’ll be back again. It’s good to see the crowds growing on Thursday nights. And the more musicians, the more chances of finding some really cool new mixes.

Surprises at Every Turn (Local Live Music) 4-26-12

Jam at Muddy's
Vid James and Perry Hultgren at Muddys
Lee Blackmon and Friends

I expected not to have much to talk about this week, as my weekend was pretty well tied up. But things really did pop! And it all started with a jam at my favorite haunt…The Muddy Waters…

Impulsive? Me?

Jammin with Johnny O
The Karry Outz at 11th St.
Justin Morrissey solo
Mitch Bergeson and Vid James with Wicked Nature

My mother has been telling me for years that I’m too impulsive. This weekend I proved her right, and did some things so unexpected, so random I didn’t even have time to tell people I was doing them! But let’s start with Thursday’s Johnny O Jam, shall we?

Pardon Me, I'm a bit Scattered 4-16-12

If it hasn’t been obvious from my blog posts the last couple of months, here’s the truth – I’ve been a bit scattered lately. Yep – I’ll admit it. I’ve lost focus.

In 2000, I started on a path. I knew what I wanted and knew what it would take to get there. I wanted to work in Information Security – specifically Business Continuity.

I was convinced there were hundreds; no, thousands of organizations that needed to learn how to back up their data…