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Live Music Street Fest Style 8-1-12

Now that the Bix7 race and the Bix Biederbeck Memorial Jazz Festival have seemingly gone their separate ways – Quad citizens get two weekends of music and no longer have to choose between Jazz and the bands of the Street Fest. Along with the Wells Fargo Street Fest, several downtown Davenport bars have joined in the fun, adding their own outdoor parties to the mix. This year along with the Shenanigans/Macs/Kilkenny’s party, Barrel House 211 tossed in a bash, and newcomer Davinci’s joined the fray. There was live music everywhere!

Influence Revisited - 7/26/12

A while back I wrote a blog post about influence – and how things we say and do often influence when we least expect it. I actually had a few people in mind when I wrote that.

I Need a Clone for All This Live Music 7-25-12

Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once. Or three or four even. This weekend was one of those times. Yes, that was pretty much the story for the entire weekend. Of course, I started Thursday night at The Muddy Waters. Things started off slow, but were heating up really well about the time I needed to head for home. Most of the usual characters were there – and we were dancing in the aisles by 11 PM.

Cool Blues on a Warm Night 7-19-13

Hot is a relative term. I love warm summer nights – and I love cool blues. That is a good part of why I really enjoyed Blues Fest a couple of weeks ago. But in the Quad-Cities, it isn’t necessary to limit your blues listening to one weekend a year. Every Thursday night there’s a blues jam at The Muddy Waters. Yes, sometimes musicians who don’t play blues get up and play too, but the majority of the Thursday night Johnny O. Jam is blues. And the Muddy Waters provides us with blues entertainers on other nights too. This week I checked out the Friday night show… more on that later.

Of Tech And Music - The Blog is Back!!

The blog is back! Well, sort of. I’ve decided that some of what I do is still best expressed in blog posts. Local Scene will continue to work as it is, with interviews and articles, the A-to-Z band and solo act listings and the calendar. I’m just adding my blog as an occasional piece. I’ve been working on a way to get the original blog posts transferred over to the new site. In the amount of time I’ve put into that, I probably could have re-written 2 years’ worth of blog!

An Abundance of Live Music! 7-12-12

This week’s blog is going to start with July 3rd. Tuesday! This is what happens when Independence Day falls on Wednesday. There were fireworks in nearly every community over the 3rd and 4th. And nearly every celebration had some sort of music as part of the festivities. I limited my wanderings those two days – as much as I would have liked, I just couldn’t be everywhere at once. And fireworks mean crowds. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to sing with Lee Blackmon at Camden Park in Milan. Sadly, I don’t have photographs, as I was too busy singing.

Blues... And A Little More Than Live Music

Yes, last weekend was Blues Fest… and yes, I was there most of the weekend. Except I attended musical at the District Theatre on Friday and left early on Saturday to hang out in Muscatine with 1st Impression.

More Live Music Than You Can Shake A Stick At 6-28-12

It is Thursday and I’m writing about local live music again…

Last Thursday, I stopped in at Bass Street Landing for Danika Holmes’ acoustic show on the outdoor stage there. I think she currently has one of the best female voices in the QC. Her sound is calculated and well-polished. I took a few photos – and caught Vid James out with his camera as well. I’m looking forward to seeing his work. He showed me a couple of previews, and they were stunning.

Influence 6-26-12

We all have influences in our lives. Some are good, some… not so good. But regardless of the type, they are still influences. At the same time, we influence others. Often, we’re not even aware how we have influenced someone else. Our children are a prime example of the strength of our influence.
They watch us constantly, learning from our every action and word. In his Fathers’ Day message, Matt Temple read us this quote:

Music, Motorcycles and More 6-21-12

For 18 years the Quad Cities has been blessed to have its own motorcycle rally. But it has always been so much more than a motorcycle rally. With a humble beginning in the Village of East Davenport, musicians and motorcycle enthusiasts all got together for a whole lot of rumbling – that wasn’t entirely Harley engines. I’ll spare you all the history – as some reading this know far more about the history and the inner workings of this event that I can ever know. Eighteen years ago I walked to my first Sturgis on the River, as I lived just a few blocks from the Village at that time.