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Heartfelt Thanks!

Where to begin? The benefit went extremely well for a first time endeavor and we have a little over $1100 for the charity. I want to thank all the musicians who took time out on a Saturday night to play without pay for the great cause of music education. The Davenport Schools Foundation's endowment provides a foundation in YOUNG children to encourage them to find joy in music. We're getting them started along a path - they are the next generation of musicians.

Whirlwind Tour - Roberta's Blog 4-17-14

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. Between preparing for the Music Education FUNdraiser, attending shows, writing and keeping up with photo editing, my plate has been overflowing lately.

Roberta's Blog - Update on the Music Education Benefit

The bands are lined up and ready to roll. Here’s our planned schedule (which is subject to change…)
The Winter Blues All-Stars - 5:30 PM

KAB – 6:10 PM

The Effie Afton – 7 PM

The Mercury Brothers – 8 PM

Cody Road – 9 PM

The Mississippi Misfits – 10 PM

Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band – 11 PM

All-star Jam Midnight until 1 AM

Second stage –

Chuck Murphy at 5:50 and 6:30

Maureen Carter at 7:40 and 8:40

SillyC Cecali at 9:40 and 10:40

Roberta's Blog - Big Things Happening in the QC 3-27-14

This was one of those weekends where I wished I could be in 3 or 4 places at once. After a rough work week, I took it easy Friday night and attended only one show, but Saturday night proved to be a challenge.

Friday night I checked in with the Zach Harris Band at RIBCO. This newer project includes Candymakers’ members Nick Vasquez (keyboards) and Randy Leasman (bass), with LC Johnson on drums and Zach Harris on guitar and lead vocals. Formerly known as The Bromigos, The Zach Harris Band mixes it up with a little blues, some funk and classic rock.

Roberta's Blog - A Full Week of Music

Wow! Last week was full of music.

Rozz-tox had a great lineup on Tuesday that I wasn’t about to miss. Promised Land Sound, The Lonely Wild and The Apache Relay gave us three full sets of amazing music. Though people trickled in all evening, none of the sets was played to a sparse audience. By the time The Apache Relay started, the whole café was packed.

Roberta's Blog - Local Musicians raising money for Local Music Education

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people who still don’t know that Local Scene Magazine is hosting a benefit for Music Education in April. Perhaps I haven’t done enough to spread the word.

Details are still being worked out – so I haven’t put all of the information out there yet, but here’s what I can tell you so far:

Ernie Peniston with Washboard Jo

Last weekend, The Muddy Waters hosted a reunion show. The full Ernie Peniston band came together for one night in Bettendorf, Iowa. Along with the reunion, a former local musician returned for a visit and to join in the festivities. Washboard Jo Burke paid us a visit and decided to stay around for a while.

Taking It Easy 8-9-12

Although it was not a slow week in the local music scene, Roberta slowed down and took it easy this week. After running all over the Mississippi Valley Fair Thursday, I made it to my weekly John O’Meara Jam date at The Muddy Waters. It was a short night for me though, as a day in the sun sapped most of my energy.
I’ve been taking fewer photos the last couple of weeks at Jam night, and haven’t posted any of them either. I’ll be doing some “make-up” posting in my Flickr page soon. Some nights the music is just so good I forget there's a camera in my hands!

Fair! 8-8-12

I spent an entire day at the Mississippi Valley Fair last week. I didn’t buy a Fun card this year, though I highly recommend it as a great value. I knew I wasn’t going to be going every night, so I planned on just one day and to fit as much as I could into that day.

Funny though it may seem now, it turns out the day I chose for my fair day was also senior day. The good news? Unlike McDonald’s, the MVF doesn’t consider anyone under 60 to be a senior. McDonald’s informed me recently I qualify for senior discounts. Go figure…

Live Music for the Heart

Valentine's Day weekend was just another weekend in the life of the music blogger...

I had not been to the Muddy’s jam in a bit, so Thursday night I stopped in. I saw a few new faces, and a few more familiar faces. I managed to snap a few photos before I headed home for the evening. When I arrived, things were in full swing. Not long after I got there, Don Gustafson stepped up to play bass with a collection of musicians. Zach Harris showed up, and joined the last set before the end of the night.