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Roberta's Blog: Non-Stop Music

It’s Friday! The last week and a half has been a busy one, and another big weekend is approaching. Since my last blog post, I’ve been to two amazing shows at Codfish Hollow, a benefit, a musical birthday party, a sold-out RME show and a send-off jam that was off the charts.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Music - Roberta's Blog

After several weeks of chasing after festivals, this past weekend was an opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy the music. Not that I don’t enjoy festivals. I have learned though, that festivals are a lot of work for photographers who want to provide quality photos. I always have taken a large number of photos, but the last few festival weekends have really taxed my memory cards (and my plethora of hard drives). It also means more time spent sorting and editing.

Roberta's Blog - Summer Weekends with Friends

In the Quad-city area we have some venues that have become well-known to touring bands, and have become a destination of choice for up-and-coming bands. Places like Codfish Hollow, Rozz-tox, The River Music Experience and RIBCO have hosted regional and national bands, as well as bands brought here by Mr. Daytrotter, Sean Moeller.

Roberta's Blog - Festivals and Pleasant Surprises

I might have overdone it a bit over the 4th of July weekend. Between Blues Fest, Codfish Hollow, a wedding, a private shoot and a couple of local shows, I completely blew all of my hard drive space, and didn’t have enough time to process half of those photos before another festival was upon me. The weekend looked to be a full one, with plenty of great music. And it was – with a twist. Read on…

Roberta's Blog - Four Days of Music

It was a fantastic 4th of July holiday! There was live music to be found in so many places. My own musical experience began Wednesday evening at The Muddy Waters with the 44s for the pre-fest bash. It was a great way to warm up the Quad Cities for the 30th annual Blues Festival. And on Sunday, the holiday ended right back at The Muddy Waters with the Candymakers and the Zach Harris Band for a Blues Fest wrap-up party.

Roberta's Blog - 4th of July in the QCA

You say you’re looking for something to do this long 4th of July weekend? There is so much happening in the live music scene, there is something for every taste in music. Check it out!

Mississippi Valley Blues Festival

Roberta's Blog - Anniversary blow-out and more

Last week was full of music, fun and a few surprises. Let me tell you…

Roberta's Blog: Busy Summer Days

There has been so much to do lately, what with the anniversary articles for the RME and The Muddy Waters plus all of the CD Releases that I’ve been a bit lax on writing about where I have been and what I have seen. I’ve been keeping up a pretty good pace these last weeks, including some open mic/jam sessions and a few weeknight shows. I have two memory cards full of photos from the last 2 weeks, and I still have photos on my hard drive to edit as well.

Roberta's Blog - River Music Experience - 10 Years of Support

The RME article has been the longest informational piece I have done to date. There was so much to write about – The River Music Experience is a multi-faceted organization. It isn’t just the Redstone Room, it isn’t just a museum. Heck it isn’t just a building! While gathering the information on this organization – getting the facts checked and checked again – my admiration for the staff just kept growing. The core staff – Kell, Dale, Benson and Carter- are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

Four years and a goodbye?

Word has begun to spread that Hal and Kristy have listed The Muddy Waters for sale. While I wanted the article ( ) to be about the anniversary, I knew about the listing and also wanted to give them an opportunity to speak about it. The way Hal sees it, if you wanted to be in the bar business this is the place to be. They’re burned out on the bar business.