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What Are You Doing March 7? Roberta's Blog

I thought today instead of writing about where I’ve been in the past week, I might write about where I’m going… or something like that anyway. Most of those who read my posts have probably already heard about the Local Bands for Music Education benefit by now. And I’m sure that somewhere between now and March 7 you’ll all be tired of hearing about it. In hopes that this blog post reaches at least a few people who haven’t heard of the benefit yet, I want to talk a little bit about it.

Late Nights and Early Mornings - Roberta's Blog

Sometimes I find a show to be so enjoyable it is difficult to drag myself away. That happened three times this weekend. I found myself getting up early this past weekend and then staying out late – later than I intended.

My first musical stop Friday night was Bleyart’s in the Village of East Davenport. Jordan Danielsen and Jef Spradley were playing there. This would be the first time I’ve seen Jef as a drummer. These guys play really well together and are a lot of fun. It was difficult to leave and I stayed a bit longer than intended.

Roberta's Blog - More Local Live Music

Don’t let anyone tell you the music scene in the Quad Cities is dying. Contrary to the belief of some, there is a lot going on here, musically. Even in the middle of winter, when most humans want nothing better than to snuggle into their warm homes with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix (or some other form of home entertainment), the music scene in the Quad Cities is alive and kicking. Although not as widespread and exposed as it is in the summer months, there is still a good deal of activity.

Choices, Choices, Choices! Roberta's Blog

The last few weekends I’ve run into a dilemma… and a good dilemma to have. Although the sheer number of venues with bands has decreased due to the winter weather… it seems that we’ve had a great deal of local bands playing all over the QC area – and in many cases, they were bands I haven’t seen yet. So, what is a girl to do when there are three venues in one night with multiple band shows?

Hot Music in January - Roberta's Blog

Happy New Year! There was live music in every nook and cranny of the Quad Cities this year for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Locations that are not typically live music venues brought us live music. And many regular venues kicked it up a notch for the occasion.

Last year I attended two of the largest, most boisterous NYE parties on the Iowa side of the river. While I stayed in Iowa again this year, I dialed it back some and checked out a couple of smaller celebrations.

December to Remember - Roberta's Blog

Though I have been doing my best to keep up at least a partial schedule these last few weeks, I need to admit to you all that it hasn’t been easy. With a family medical situation and a previous commitment to a fundraising event, I began to feel like the Dunkin’ Donuts guy… do you remember? He met himself coming and going. Thank goodness a couple of other photographers have also been heading out to shows and have been willing to share their photos with Local Scene Magazine.

Catching up - Roberta's Blog

It’s been a cold, cold November, but we’ve had some hot music here in the QC. Here’s a run-down of two weeks of shows I attended.

On November 12, the RME provided members with a free concert featuring Darlingside. If you missed it, you missed soaring vocal harmonies and all-around great musicianship. Hopefully, we’ll see them back again soon.

One Year - Roberta's Blog

On November 16, 2013, Local Scene Magazine went live. This first year has been full of ups and downs. It began with a little blog - I started writing just to exercise my mind, and I started taking photos of bands to satisfy a deep need to be creative in some way - and my love of music just seemed to fit that.

The (QC) Music Never Ends - Roberta's Blog

It has come to pass that I no longer have to go looking for live music. Now, live music seems to find me, even when I’m doing something completely non-music related. Thursday night was an example of this when I went for a ladies spa evening with a friend.

Frightfully good stuff - Roberta's blog

What happens when three of my favorite venues have important happenings on the same night? That’s right – three big Halloween parties at three area venues on one night (there were a lot more, but these three were those I could not turn down). Read on to learn where I went and who I saw…