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One Year - Roberta's Blog

On November 16, 2013, Local Scene Magazine went live. This first year has been full of ups and downs. It began with a little blog - I started writing just to exercise my mind, and I started taking photos of bands to satisfy a deep need to be creative in some way - and my love of music just seemed to fit that.

The (QC) Music Never Ends - Roberta's Blog

It has come to pass that I no longer have to go looking for live music. Now, live music seems to find me, even when I’m doing something completely non-music related. Thursday night was an example of this when I went for a ladies spa evening with a friend.

Frightfully good stuff - Roberta's blog

What happens when three of my favorite venues have important happenings on the same night? That’s right – three big Halloween parties at three area venues on one night (there were a lot more, but these three were those I could not turn down). Read on to learn where I went and who I saw…

Spooky QC Music - Roberta's Blog

At this time last year, I was trying to remember the last time I attended a Halloween party, or dressed in a costume for anything other than handing out treats to the kiddies. I received my first Halloween costume party invite in as far back as I can remember. It was Codfish Hollow’s first Basementstormer of the off-season, and it was an invite-only Halloween concert. It was a blast – everyone there was in costume, and Tiffany and Shawn’s home (which is normally rather Halloweenish) was deliciously creepy. And I learned that a basement concert is even more intimate than a barn concert.

New things to the Local Scene - Roberta's blog

Last week Local Scene Magazine partnered with the River Music Experience to provide ticket giveaways for some of the shows there. Though we stirred up some traffic, only a handful of people entered for the drawings. I attended 3 shows, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, beginning with the Shook Twins, and then Thursday’s Chicago Farmer, and Friday I stopped in for the opening band, Half Naked. All of the shows had a fair turnout – Friday night’s EGI show was pretty crowded. I have to wonder – who wouldn’t want a chance at free tickets to a show at the Redstone room?

Roberta's Blog - September, what a Ride!

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog for a couple of weeks, but I’m sure you know I haven’t been ignoring the local music scene.

I’ve seen local bands in spots around the QCA and I’ve seen touring bands in our local venues. I’ve also taken some time out for a couple of special events and some personal things.

Roberta's Blog - Supporting Local Musicians

This week, instead of a blog post telling where I went last weekend, I would like to talk to you about a couple of events coming up this month in our music community.

The first is happening this Sunday, September 14, at Geezer's in West Davenport. This is the second annual memorial jam for Joe Pena. Over the past week, I've had the opportunity to visit with John Pena about the jam he's arranged in memory of his late brother, Joe.

Roberta's Blog - a Long Weekend of Music

Labor Day weekend just kept giving and giving…
Friday evening when I arrived at 2nd and Main I could hear Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band in full swing. It was a beautiful evening and the courtyard at the RME was packed. Labor Day weekend was starting off on a great note. Or several. For those not in the know, Jason Carl and crew have a lively sound, playing a mix of rock originals and classic covers.

Roberta's Blog - Come On Out, the Music's Fine!

I can hardly believe that Labor Day weekend is upon us. Where did the summer go? The kids are back in school and outdoor schedules are starting to slow down. It’s Hatch Pepper roasting/Grape picking/apple picking time. We still have a few outdoor festivals left, so take advantage of the warm weather while you can and enjoy the live music that goes with it.

Last weekend I made the rounds. I said I was slowing down – I only hit 3 shows each day Friday and Saturday, and started early/finished late. That’s slowing down, right?

Roberta's Blog - New Music and a Festival

Sometimes the things we would like to do get sidetracked for one reason or another. Such was the case last weekend. But sidetracked isn’t always a bad thing – and I needed a new perspective anyway.