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My Vacation - a Weekend Away

What a whirlwind week/weekend I had! I took some time off from “local”, but caught some regional acts along with the big names.

My week started Wednesday evening at Codfish Hollow where I saw the Conor Oberst and the Felice Brothers. The Felice Brothers opened the show, and I had a front-row spot. However, I made the mistake of leaving my spot during the break and never made it back to the front of the stage for Oberst. It was a sold-out show, and they really packed in close, everyone wanting that front-row experience.

What's Happening? Roberta's Blog

Instead of giving you a run-down on the places I went last week, I thought instead I might give an update on what is coming up this weekend. As before, there is a little of something for everyone.

A Little Promotion - Roberta's Blog

I’ve seen some changes in the QC music scene – the whole music scene, not just one genre or sub-genre – all of our wonderfully diverse and happening scene.

Summer Music Schedules Warming Up - Roberta's Blog

If the past two weekends are any indication, this looks to be a wild summer, full of music and good times for the Quad Cities. Nearly every day there are multiple choices. Even in the middle of the week, you can find live music somewhere. Not only do we have several open-mics and jam sessions, but venues are beginning to book solo/duo acts and even bands on weeknights. The outdoor music season is in full swing as well. On June 4, I headed out to catch some of the music and was only able to visit a couple of shows.

Roberta's Blog - Live Music Every Day

I’ve been saying for a long time now that there is live music to be found somewhere in the Quad Cities every night of the week. Last week was proof of this, as there were must-see shows every night.

Roberta's Blog - Busy is a Good Thing

This weekend was reminiscent of some of the insane music weekends last summer. Maybe it’s the great warm weather we’ve been having – or maybe it was just that there was too much fantastic music being played to be ignored – but in either case, I was really on the run over the weekend. It’s a good thing to be this busy, as that means there is something for everyone.

Roberta's Blog - I've Been Away

I've been away, but not entirely. In case you haven’t noticed, the Roberta’s Blog portion of Local Scene has been a bit quiet these last few weeks. And my crazy schedule of shows has slowed down considerably. The last two weekends I only covered one show each weekend.

I’ve been limited because of an injury. It not only slowed me down, but made typing difficult so I haven’t been able to write as much as I used to. In fact the first week, just getting the calendar listing up took almost my whole week.

Johnny O

Although I had been aware of his presence for many years I only recently got to know John O'Meara. 4 years ago I started attending his jam sessions at the Muddy Waters. Johnny always had a smile, a hug, and a kiss on the cheek for me. I never once doubted the sincerity in his heart.

Not only was Johnny a very talented and brilliant musician but he was a friend to so many in the Quad Cities. There was no condition to his love. He loved us all equally and without measure.

2015 Benefit - Roberta's Blog

What a feeling, on the backside of an event where musicians and non-musicians alike came together to support music education programs in one of our local school districts. I sent out a thank you message via Facebook – there were so many volunteers and musicians who were very generous with their time, and so many QC area folks who enjoyed the music, entered raffles and bid on silent auction items. I have one silent auction item left to deliver - and can finally say we doubled the income from last year's benefit.

Roberta's Blog - a Patchwork of Music

I guess you can say I’ve been a little occupied lately. Not that I haven’t been out to shows, but I discovered that I really needed to cut back – and I haven’t taken the time to write about those I have seen. In fact, I just finished processing photos from Valentine’s Day. Things will get back to normal soon, I hope. The Local Bands for Music Education benefit show is this Saturday – we have an amazing lineup of talented, generous musicians who are going to blow the roof off the RME.