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Take a Chance, Lay it on the Line? 1-4-12

I came across this show on TV tonight – the premise is putting together a flash mob to pass along a message. (kind of along the lines of a singing telegram only on a much larger scale). It’s hosted by Howie Mandel, so you get the drift.

Four-legged Family - 12/28/11

There have been several topics mulling around in my head over the holidays, but I’ve had difficulty deciding what to write about next. Could that be writer’s block, or is it just that I have too many topics to choose from? Yesterday, the decision was made for me when a good friend had to say goodbye to an 18 year old family member, her loving canine companion, Brandy. Brandy was a cool dog – even though I only met her for the first time last year, and she was already old, nearly blind, and at least a little deaf.

Giving 12-9-11

Tomorrow I’m taking part in a world-wide event called Help-Portrait. I’m volunteering to provide technical assistance (and whatever other assistance I can provide) to some Quad-City photographers who have volunteered their time to take portraits of local families.

Turning Over a New Leaf 11-23-11

Thirteen years ago I found myself alone (again, naturally), broke, and unable to provide even the basic needs for my children. My third marriage, doomed before it began, had predictably failed. In my need to provide hands-on parenting, I had gradually down-graded my employment from the 80 hour weeks of restaurant management to wind up as a temp receptionist. I knew I had to improve my situation, so I decided to go back to school. Fourteen years before that, I had dropped out of college.

Saturday Night on the Iowa Side 11-21-11

It’s really cool when I show up to see a band and find a whole bunch of my friends already there! That happened this weekend at Purgatory Pub in Bettendorf… but before that, I paid a visit to the Hawkeye Tap in Northwest Davenport to check out a little known band called Secret Squirrel.

What's Your Passion? 11-18-11

What’s your passion? You know, that topic that gets you fired up. Something inside you awakens and makes you want to DO something. Everyone should have at least one passion. These are the things that make us interesting.

Music Recap


Looking back – I find it interesting that my post from Friday drew more traffic from Russian networks than US networks. Hmmmm…

Turning Over a New Leaf - 11-8-11

You’ll see a mix of things on this blog. I guess that’s because I’m just a mixed-up sort of gal. I work in Information Technology. My degree is in infosec – and I hope someday to actually work in security full time. Right now I’m just one half of a two person IT department for a non-profit. There’s no money in it, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my job for most of the 9 years I’ve been working there.