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Local Music I Appreciate: The Velies (Caught In Places)

To Preface: there are no "favorites", and there are many bands I love whose albums I either don't have, or don't have a cover...because they were digital downloads, or because someone handed me a burned CD because they wanted me to hear the music before the printed albums were released. These are NOT reviews. I am here to promote the local music scene. That has not changed. The albums are in the order in which I photographed them, nothing more, nothing less.

It is my hope that by sharing these albums, some of you might find a band you haven't heard and check them out!

Local Music I Appreciate: Avey Grouws Band (Road to Memphis)

There is this "thing" going around Facebook where the poster shares an album that influenced their life (or their music, as many I have seen posting are musicians). Then I noticed a couple of musicians began posting the work of local musicians they appreciate. That is definitely more my speed!

Instead of just posting those local band albums and EPs to Facebook, I decided to add them on my blog page - to share in a more permanent location so people can come back to them if needed. I know how fast that Facebook feed gets away.

Winter Blues Program / Home Grown Blues Musicians

I know I say this all the time, but I think it needs to be said often: the Quad Cities is pumping out some pretty impressive musicians.
Five hundred people witnessed this phenomenon just a couple of weeks ago at the Village Theater when the QC Rock Academy bands battled. On Saturday 12/30/17, you can see for yourself that the Blues is alive and well - thanks to the folks at the River Music Experience and about 19 young people in three bands.

Roberta's Blog - Taking Stock

Bret’s words last night haunted me all night and still this morning. I have been lax in my duties as a self-appointed champion of our local music scene. I don’t get out to 5 or 6 shows every weekend anymore – and I don’t write an article a week. At the peak of this magazine, I was writing up to 3 articles and shooting 10 bands some weeks. That was a crazy pace… but I had the spare time to do it, and it truly was a labor of love.

Navigating Alternating Currents

I set out this weekend to “create my own adventure” at Davenport’s Alternating Currents Festival. Of course my time was limited, but I still managed to get to venues and see both local and touring bands, as well as take in some art exhibits.
My first stop Friday was for an early dinner at Me & Billy. I had managed to work through lunch and was ready to grab a bite. Dinner was accompanied by the soothing sounds of the Ron Tegeler Jazz (Quartet). (Photo 1)

Ellis Kell - Inspired and Inspirational

Moondance 2015 - winner of the John O'Meara bass
Playing with the Whoozdads summer 2015

I set out this morning to write an article about fundraising efforts for my friend Ellis. I wanted to promote the GoFundMe fundraiser and the Jam for Ellis. Not five minutes after I sat down, I noticed a single post on my social media that gave me a chill. Thirty minutes later, my worst fears were confirmed by an update from the family. Today we lost Ellis Kell.

A New Perspective

You may have noticed Local Scene has been a bit quiet in regards to articles these last few months. I’ve been busy with a new day job that has, at times, been overwhelming. (In a good way, I might add). There have also been some things going on with my family that have required my attention. With any luck, things will level out soon, and I’ll be putting those articles together again. Of course, I’m always looking for people with a love for our local music scene who are willing to write about it.

One Hundred Twenty - Roberta's Blog

One hundred twenty.
That’s a nice round number, isn’t it? It is the number of bands I photographed locally between June 1, 2016 and August 30, 2016. Locally… that includes the local bands at Dawn and On, Blues Fest, River Roots Live, and Bix Street Fest. It doesn’t include any bands from Codfish Hollow (although I consider that a Quad Cities venue – we’ll claim Maquoketa, right?) or Hinterland Festival in Des Moines. I haven’t looked at a total number for the summer. My interest in putting together a number was local bands and venues…

Festival Season is Here! Roberta's Blog

Festival Season is in full swing. There are so many regional music festivals, it would be difficult for one person to attend them all. I thought now would be a good time to talk about some of our tremendous regional music festivals. Maybe you’ll find one that interests you! The following list covers festivals up until the end of July. I’m still waiting on information for a few events in August and September, and will post those soon!

June 18: Fulton Blue Grass Festival

Local Musicians Supporting Kids - Roberta's Blog

It's that time of year. We're gearing up for the Local Bands for Music Education fundraiser. This year, twenty bands and solo acts, an army of volunteers, the QC comedy community and hopefully a whole lot of Quad-citians will be taking over the River Music Experience to raise money on behalf of the elementary music programs at the East Moline school district.