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The Mississippi Misfits

The Mississippi Misfits - Blues, Rock and Soul, Original and Cover mix.

The Mississippi Misfits - truly a band of brothers, these 3 musicians with a wide variety of interest and talent put it all together in 2011 and in 2012 were Iowa Blues Challenge finalists.
This is a well-balanced, versatile trio with all three providing lead vocals. Their musical tastes range from Hill Country Blues to Funk to Psychedelic Rock.

Ren Edstrand - Guitar, Vocals
Ziggy McQuay - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Tom Zick - Drums, Vocals



The Mississippi Misfits at the Redstone Room

The Statistix

The Statistix are a Quad Cities street punk band that is opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, capitalism, police brutality, religion, ETC.
The Statistix formed in December of 2011 with Vocalist/Bassist Spencer Statistic and Vocalist/Guitarist Ian Adolescent who quickly picked up drummer Elliot Damaged. After their first show, Elliot quit the band, and the Statistix, with new drummer Jacob Disaffiliate, recorded their first E.P., The American Dream.
A while after the EP was released, Elliot rejoined and switched to lead guitar. The Statistix then performed numerous shows with bands such as Arms Aloft, Comrades Collective, Lipstick Homicide and the Virgin Whores. After a while, Spencer Statistic left the band, Elliot filled in Spencer's vocal spots and Justin Martyr (one of Jacob's co-workers) took over the bass for a while but soon left to go to college. The Statistix just recorded a full length album titled 'The Statistix Can't Exist!' and will be releasing it soon.

The Statistix are a street punk band from the Quad Cities comprised of Ian Adolescent, Elliot Damaged, and Jacob Disaffiliate.

We (almost) exclusively play all ages shows, unless the other bands are too good for us to pass up.
Ian Adolescent- Vox/Rhythm Guitar
Elliot Damaged- Vox/Lead Guitar
- Bass
- Drums

Spencer Statistic- Vox/Bass 2011-2013
Dick Damage- Drums - 2011- early 2012
Justin Mincks - Bass 2013
Jacob Disaffiliate - Drums 2012-2013 (will be back in a year)



The Tripp Brothers

Jimmy & Sean Tripp, are two Midwestern horn players that live the funk. Forging the sounds of saxophone & trombone, fused with heavy bass music, their tones reverberate shockwaves throughout the crowd. Their ability to keep the groove makes dancing inevitable. Illuminating your soul with exploding horn hits, funky solos, and wicked scratching rarely seen in today's live performances, makes these two a must see act!

Glitch Hop with live Saxophone and Trombone!

Jimmy Tripp - Saxophone
Sean Tripp - Turntables and Trombone




The Zealots

"A zealot is someone that feels strongly about a belief... The concept came from the religious zealots of the bible that fought for religious freedom. We apply that same concept to our music. We have one goal. Reach as many people as we can with our message. We are going to tear down the temple that is the music industry and rebuild it."

- Ryan Housenga

Rock anthems and melodic instrumentation define the original sound of The Zealots from Bettendorf, Iowa. The music scene is struggling in Iowa, which is why The Zealots are aiming to be something new and different. After forming in the summer of 2014, they started mixing rock genres into a masterpiece. The Zealots are nothing but original.

In late 2014 The Zealots were the first band from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis & his team at mixingbros.com. They went on to mix & master the single Chips the Fish. After hearing the final version of the song, The Zealots knew they had struck gold.

In early 2016 the boys were discovered by Will Stevenson at the Artery Foundation. The Zealots signed with the management, making them the first Iowa band on their roster. They went on tour in the summer of 2016 & rocked out 5 different states.

The band is comprised of five members: Micah Martin, Ryan Housenga, Jeff White, Colton Menke, & Adam Housenga.

Please listen for yourself, you'll be glad you did.

Two Peace

Reggae Electronica

Two Peace is a band out of Davenport, IA formed in early 2011. They come to spread truth and positive vibes.
Nick Harksen (Vocals/Keys/Production)
Jacob Hahn (Bass/Production)



Waking Robots

Lead Vocal,Piano/Keys: Angi Chapman
Guitars: Chad Ramsey
Drums,backing vocals: John Chapman

Dark, beautiful and different describes Waking Robots aptly. They're an unusual three piece: piano/keys, guitar and drums with a strong female lead vocal and timely harmony.
Look for Waking Robots playing in and around the QCA the rest of this year and beyond.



Whiplash Abby

Whiplash Abby is what happens when mix a classic rock band with a pop vocalist. Playing pop, rock, dance and country with a little edge. Songs from Pink, Katy Perry, Pat Benatar, Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boys, Pretty Reckless, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and more.

The band was a finalist for Muscatine Journal’s Best Local Band of 2014.

Mina Kay Jaeger - vocalist
Todd Easterla - Guitar
Ron Behymer - Bass
Scott Berlin - Drums



Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls

American Rock n' Roll

Band Members
"Wicked" Liz Treiber - Vocals/Guitar/Tamborine
Leo Kelly - Guitar/Vocals
Greg Hipskind - Drums/Vocals
Bob Kelly - Bass/Vocals
Ezra Sidran-Keys

Davenport, IA

All of our music can be purchased on itunes or www.cdbaby.com

Current Location
Quad Cities U.S.A.

Booking agent
Bob Kelly - 563-650-2168



ZED---Psycho-punka-rocka-surfa-billy originals.
Mark Detl-Guitar
Shawn Mcneely drums
John Kautz-bass