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Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis is a 12 piece classic rock band with a horn section, violinist, male and female singers as well as guitars, bass, drums and keys. They play a wide variety of cover tunes from the 60's to current day including Blues Brothers, Chicago, Van Morrison, Guns 'n Roses, Beatles and more.

Identity Crisis was formed in 2004 and members include local band/orchestra directors, private music instructors, and musicians who have been playing in rock bands for years.

They play lots of weddings and corporate events. Some of the venues you can see them at on a regular basis are River House, Mulligan's, and North Shore Inn.

Members include:
Alan Morrison - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Kamp - Bass, Vocals
Drew Anderson - Trumpet
Eric Sparks - Drums
Jim McCartney - Trumpet
John Korn - Keyboard, Trumpet, Guitar
Kathy McMillen - Sax, Flute
Kris Kendell - Violin
Nicole Gabriel - Vocals
Pat Driscoll - Sound Engineer
Roy DeWitt - Sound Engineer
Tom Brooke - Vocals, Harmonica
Tom Sokolik - Guitar, Mandolin
Tony Knobbe - Trombone, Conga line leader




Indie Rock

Jaiguru is…
Vey Rodriguez Jr. – Lead Vocalist, Guitar
Jesse Rodriguez – Drums
Adolfo DeHaro – Bass
Katelyn Estes – Keyboards, Vocals


Jaiguru at RIBCO

Jansson 5


Jansson 5 is a 3-piece americana, country/blues group based out of Bishop Hill, IL. Named for a pioneering, wooden-toothed cult leader from the mid-19th century, collective influences include everything from Lightning Hopkins to Carl Perkins to Tom Waits. Utopian Folk from the deep, dark Midwest.

Nathan Hahn – Guitar
Curtis Hawkins – Bass
Josh Morrissey – Drums



Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band

Jason Carl & The Whole Damn Band

With a music style that shares influence from rock, folk, and blues, their originals are written and performed with passion and honesty.
Catchy songs that anyone can relate to. From the Quad Cities, Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band consists of five members.
Jason Carl (guitar,vocals, harmonica),
Ben Lorentzen (violin,guitar),
Sarena (vocals, keyboard, percussion).
Steve Lowder (bass, vocals),
Chad Benjamin (drums, percussion),




Jenny Lynn Stacy & the Dirty Roosters

Blue Trash:

an eclectic combination of bluegrass, old timey country-punk, southern rock(abilly) with some sweet little additions of funk, and beats that are so, so fresh. Like clean laundry.

This is whisky drinkin', butt shakin' music.

Johnny Cash, Flatt and Scruggs, They Might Be Giants, Pokey Lafarge, William Elliott Whitmore ... but heavier, dirtier, and with more electric guitar.

Band Members
Jenny Lynn Stacy, Jorge Tapia, Shayne Quade, and Angi Chapman.

Moline, Illinois

Record Label

Facebook @jennylynnstacymusic
Reverbnation www.reverbnation.com/jlsdr
web: www.jlsdr.com

Video: Jenny Lynn Stacy & Angi Chapman - Faces



Just Chords

Just Chords
Davenport, IA

Just Chords is an acoustic cover band that plays songs that all crowds love to jam along too. Originally comprising of Ryan Goettsch on guitar and vocal, David Smith on guitar and vocal and. Charity Smith on vocal. The trio brought many talents to the stage. In more recent years concerts featuring the original trio are reserved for more "Main Event" show bills. There is no doubt that the original "Just Chords" cast will be playing the Quad City, Chicago and Nashville scenes on the regular.

When playing out these days in the QC it's not uncommon to see a guest artist pulled up to play or sing on a couple or have Ryan and Craig switch up instruments for few songs.
Ryan plays a versatile style of guitar and brings a unique vocal tone to songs of all eras. Combining decades of stylings, in his arsenal, is also a harmonica and a loop station both known to get the party started.
Craig Smith newest to the Just Chords family is singer/guitarist gone Percussionist. Starting as a guest artist sitting in with the band on their cajón drum at shows, latin Purcussion became a passion for him and as Craig's drum set grew so did the time he spent on stage with Ryan and Charity.
Currently in 2015 Ryan and Craig forge on the Just Chords spirit by going out to play with the audience, who happens to be their friends, in mind. Enjoying drinks and banter, making sure every last soul at the show has a great time.
With a set list that is ever growing you know your in for a party when you step out to a Just Chords show!






Justice has a variety of influences that includes Rockin' Blues and Juke Joint style Funk and Soul.
We focus on high energy music that will keep the audience engaged.
All members are currently from the Quad City area.

The line up is:
Lyle Pena-Guitar and Vocals
Ziggie McQuay-Keyboard, Harp, Vocals
Willie "Mac" McNeil-Bass, Vocals
Tom Zick-Drums, Vocals
Joshua "Slim" Kain-Guitar and Vocals



The Knockoffs
Classic rock covers you can't hear anywhere else!

David “Vid” James - Instruments: Drums/percussion, Vocals
Vid hails from Miami, Florida, and grew up…everywhere. After settling down in the Quad Cities, he started making his way to local open blues jams, where he was introduced to the local music scene.
Vid’s experience runs the gamut; he is, or has been, a member of Nervous Rex, Mr. Tripod, TPX, Wicked Nature, The Undertones, The Tailfins, Secret Squirrel, The Metro Gnomes, Paul Waters and The Lonesome Tears, and The V.J.J. Groove. He can occasionally be found sitting in with a variety of local bands, as well as The District Theatre band and Circa 21.

Jerry Heard - Instruments: Bass, Vocals
Jerry brings a remarkably high degree of experience and professionalism to any ensemble that has the privilege of performing with him. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Jerry has been playing bass for over 35 years. Currently, he plays in the band Wild Oatz, a Contemporary Country group performing all the latest country hits, but in his career he has played everything from Jazz to Blues, Contemporary Pop to Classic Rock. He also plays and records with The V.J.J. Groove, a blues band preparing to release their debut album of original material. Prior to joining Wild Oatz, he played in (among others) Stellar Cellar, Why Not?, and Blues Flash and was a founding member of Nervous Rex.

Jeff “Doc VH” VenHorst - Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
Doc is equally skilled in blues, country, and screamin’ metal. He has been a consistent fixture on the music scene for many years as a member of several bands; including The Tommy Knockers, Just Cuz, TPX, Nervous Rex , and the Metro Gnomes. Doc has been playing with Vid and Jerry for a long time, as together, we they play and record as The V.J.J. Groove.

Butch Ranew - Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
Butch is a Quad Cities institution. Along with his stints playing in local bands such as Erra, 4th and 20, and a previous incarnation of The Knockoffs (his tenure cut short when his job transferred him to Alabama), he can often be found volunteering his services as the QC’s best roadie at various music festivals in the Quad Cities. Hailing from the south, he brings to the Knockoffs a genuine Southern Rock sensibility. Nobody plays Lynyrd Skynyrd with more sincerity.

Current Location
Quad Cities, USA

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Rolling Stones, Wilco, The Jayhawks, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, anything that was considered cheesy in its day, but is genius today, anything that is cheesy today that will be considered genius in 20 years. (Obviously, not Nickelback.)

Press contact
Vid James 309-721-7000

Booking agent
Vid James 309-721-7000

Kronos Resistor

Kronos Resistor is a progressive/math metal band from the Quad Cities, comprised of veteran musicians Billy Gardner, David Bernal, Jacob Gregory, Steven Krug Jr and Steve Merritt. The "Kronos" sound is a blend of styles of all things metal and rock with a dash of techno industrial sounds, while also bringing ambiance and dynamics to the music. You may find Kronos Resistor all over the quad Cities in various venues, but with the recent release of their EP, Accretion of Absence, the band plans to take their unique brand of metal to the entire Midwest region, or as far as the music will take them!





Mea Culpa

We are a metal band from Moline, Illinois. We attempt to capture emotion and feeling in our performances and songs.