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Landon Kuhlmann-Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Lane- Lead Bass/Vocals
Sage Weeber- Lead Drums
Nick lawton- Lead Tenor Saxophone
Van Mielenhausen- Lead Alto Saxophone/Trumpet
Ben Misner- LeadTrombone
Matt Smith- Lead Trombone



Fairhaven CD release, the RME

Fickle Filly and the Haymakers

A country band with rock and blues influence, Fickle Filly and the Haymakers are very high energy with crowd participation. We also play a few ballads that couples prefer for dancing. Members are Monica Fulscher on vocals, Ryan Chaney on drums, Robert Chaney on keys, Drew Irion on bass, Zach Harris and Chris Avey- guitar and vocals.


Frankie Fontagne & the Ramblers


Frankie Joe N Kinfolk

Kinfolk is Frankie Joe Willderman (guitar and vocals), Kevin Wulf (six string banjo), and Esme Harferbier (bass and vocals). Kinfolk is a little string band with big roots, honest American roots. Playing mostly originals written by Frankie Joe, Kinfolk is an earthy blend of down-home/Midwest acoustic styles. A sound that comes from before country, rock, and bluegrass had a name. Proud to be Midwest with an Ozark Mountain accent. "We feel a kinship to create this music together and a sense of duty to keep it alive for our clan.”



Gain The Wolf

City - Rock Island, IL
Genre - Progressive Rock

Lee Gnatovich - Drums
Alec Gotthardt - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Gnatovich - Guitar
Justin Jahn - Bass
Zach Bognar - Rhodes

Grandfather Confusion

Grandfather Confusion is a band from Moline , IL.

Featuring members of Mountain Swallower, Condor & Jaybird, and Ronin.



Have Your CAKE

CAKE Tribute
Long Band Bio:
How many bands begin from conversations between musicians over artists they grew up listening to? In the Fall of 2012, the Quad-Cities band Ragaman were joking about throwing together a cover show for Halloween where they could dress up and play a night as one of their favorite bands. Lots of ideas got tossed around but the room erupted when CAKE was brought up. The show was named the "Have your Cake and Eat it too Party," and the Have Your Cake band was born.

Ragaman covered most of the band with Lars Rehnberg on lead guitar, Leif Rehnberg on drums, Gordon Pickering on the electric bass and Karah Underwood on trumpet (formerly Maylane, I Eat My Friends). For lead vocals they turned to Adam Vilmont, lead singer and guitarist for another Quad Cities original act, Orangadang (who looks and sounds surprisingly like John McCrea from Cake).

Have Your Cake booked two Halloween shows and learned 25 songs in 7 weeks. They expected to only play those two shows, but were immediately flooded with requests from around the Midwest, and are now booked regionally through the end of 2013. Now at every Have Your Cake show, people who have never heard of Cake are falling in love with the music and buying Cake albums. Cake fans are coming out to sing along, and this band is going the distance to make sure everyone can have their Cake and eat it too.



Have Your Cake at RIBCO

Hello Ramona

"Bottom Feeder (ft. Sam Sky)" FREE DOWNLOAD:


Rock anthems and melodic instrumentation define the original sound to Hello Ramona from Bettendorf, Iowa. The music scene is struggling in Iowa, which is why Hello Ramona is aiming to be something new and different. Mixing rock, pop, hardcore, & electronic genres, Hello Ramona is nothing but original. They released their second EP "Diversity" in June 2013. Be on the lookout for new music, with their newest single "Bottom Feeder (ft. Sam Sky)" now available for free download.

We leave you with this message: "Tell your family and friends about us, and come to our shows if you want to have a good time!"

-Hello Ramona

Micah, David, Ryan, & Zach
Micah - Vocals

David - Guitar / Vocals

Ryan - Guitar / Vocals

Zach - Bass / Vocals


Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis is a 12 piece classic rock band with a horn section, violinist, male and female singers as well as guitars, bass, drums and keys. They play a wide variety of cover tunes from the 60's to current day including Blues Brothers, Chicago, Van Morrison, Guns 'n Roses, Beatles and more.

Identity Crisis was formed in 2004 and members include local band/orchestra directors, private music instructors, and musicians who have been playing in rock bands for years.

They play lots of weddings and corporate events. Some of the venues you can see them at on a regular basis are River House, Mulligan's, and North Shore Inn.

Members include:
Alan Morrison - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Kamp - Bass, Vocals
Drew Anderson - Trumpet
Eric Sparks - Drums
Jim McCartney - Trumpet
John Korn - Keyboard, Trumpet, Guitar
Kathy McMillen - Sax, Flute
Kris Kendell - Violin
Nicole Gabriel - Vocals
Pat Driscoll - Sound Engineer
Roy DeWitt - Sound Engineer
Tom Brooke - Vocals, Harmonica
Tom Sokolik - Guitar, Mandolin
Tony Knobbe - Trombone, Conga line leader




Indie Rock

Jaiguru is…
Vey Rodriguez Jr. – Lead Vocalist, Guitar
Jesse Rodriguez – Drums
Adolfo DeHaro – Bass
Katelyn Estes – Keyboards, Vocals


Jaiguru at RIBCO