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Busted Chandeliers

Indie / Folk-rock

Cocktails in the Village of East Davenport led to repeated get-togethers and weeknight basement jams for Erin Moore Waterman, Maureen Carter, and Amy Falvey. In late 2011, the trio officially declared itself “a band” and embarked upon a journey to create original music and begin recording an EP. And in early 2012, longing for back beat, they welcomed Erin Marie Bertram to the band. Having appeared at Rozz-Tox, Bent River Brewery, the Redstone Room, and elsewhere, Busted Chandeliers are an inchoate but oftentimes compelling mix of earthy folk-rock stylings accompanied by keys and ukulele, traces of harmonica, fancy claps, and soulful honest lady vox.

Erin Moore Waterman - Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
Amy Falvey - Keys
Maureen Carter - Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Percussion
Erin Marie Bertram - Drums & Vocals



Busted Chandeliers at the Redstone Room


Leaning on the traditions of `60s Motown and Stax, together with the classic groove bands of the 1970s, The Candymakers make no secret of their desire to have some fun while making their music, and in turn, share as much of the joy as they can with their audience. I imagine live on stage, in front of an enthusiastic crowd, the Davenport, Iowa six-piece are damn near irresistible. It's to their eternal credit that they've managed to transfer all that bustling energy into studio recordings, and their songs leap from the speakers like timeless productions by Frank Wilson and Steve Cropper.

At the moment the blues crowd have adopted them as their own, and they're beginning to win awards in that category, though for me, it's their soul side that marks them out from the crowd. Tracks like "Yet to Begin" and "No Music No Party" are bonafide floor fillers, and in Alan Sweet they've a singer with a voice which is powerful and utterly convincing. Which isn't to dismiss their other attributes. When they err towards rock and blues, the remarkable "Mirror Don't Lie" is a prime example, they can be just as persuasive, and guitarist Bret Dale absolutely shines in this setting.

-Tony S. from Leicester Bangs UK



The Candymakers

Code 415

From the Beatles to Buckcherry....Playing hit songs from all decades and genres. While we play mostly Classic Rock, we also add a little Country, Pop and Funk to the mix. The songs you know and love, come ready to sing, dance and PARTY!!

Band Members
Jim Koellner - Guitar & Vocals
Dale Attwood - Bass & Vocals
Mike Koellner - Drums
Dave Owens - Vocals
Bob Hintze - Sound Engineer

Quad Cities

Record Label
Major Disturbance Productions

Code 415 is a group of veteran Quad City musicians who share the same vision of bringing a fun, party type atmosphere to venues across the QCA.

A chance meeting, a few phone calls, a jam session and Code 415 was born. Four veteran Quad City musicians who are ready to just HAVE SOME FUN!!

We want people to come to our shows ready to let their hair down, dance, sing and let the worries of the day melt away as we play the songs you know and love.

So come ready to party with us and by all means...Get a little CrAzY!!

Booking agent
Dave Owens (563) 370-9345

Video Courtesy Darren Schultz Concert Photography

Cody Road

Genre: Country/rock covers
From their Facebook page:Cody Road is a high energy modern country band located in eastern Iowa.

Matt Stein - Vocals/Guitar
Rich Fricke - Bass/Vocals
Jacob Seales - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Darrin Plett - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Al Nache - Drums/Vocals
Tony Nache - Videographer / Drum Tech



Cody Road at Paddlefest


Ian Lambach

w/ invaluable assistance from Jeremy Suman, Steve Maule, Marcus Robertson, Connor Lyle, Garrin Jost, Griffen Clark, Tom Teslik, and lots of others



Comfort at the Redstone Room


Rock - Originals

Steve Braddy (bass, vocals)
Josh Long (guitar, vocals)
Jared Hughes (guitar, vocals)
John Bechtel (drums)
Deadroots is an original rock 'n' roll band that was formed in 1999 by former members of 'The Hestons', 'Groovestick', and 'Savior Soul'. Their timeless, infectious sound has left an impression on countless audiences of all ages. This is the kind of band that reminds listeners why music is such a huge part of the American experience! Based in East Moline with a decade-long history!




We are Disintegrator from Burlington, IA. Thrash/death metal done right! Disintegrator came together in early 2013 and made their live debut July of the same year. We've played some great venues across the local area from Peoria, IL to Cedar Rapids, IA to the Quad Cities. We released our 2014 5 song EP in March and we are working on material for a full length album we will be recording soon.

Disintegrator is:
Kyle Wagy-vocals
Travis Norton-guitar
Jim Lauver-guitar
Zack Harmon-bass
Tim Wardlow-drums




Downtown Rockin Daddys

Downtown Rockin Daddys are a new band hailing from the Quad Cities. Formed in 2014, the band plays high energy rockabilly, jump swing, & surf rock. The band features Donny "Hot Tub" Gustofson on vocals and guitar, Bill Lilliman on drums, Bob Rosenstiel on upright bass, George Smith on saxophone, & guitar virtuoso Chuck Thompson on guitar. This band is always ready for a party and a good time. Coming soon to a venue near you. Ladies and gentlemen..........Downtown Rockin Daddys!


Drama Major

the story of love and living, hurt, dreams, and mistakes told through the eyes of Zaggy...

Drama Major is a library of music created by Wes Weeber, with multiple artists.



Earth Ascending

We are a group of musicians devoted to playing music incorporating elements of Progressive, Psychedelic, Improvised, Instrumental, Jazzy Funk Rock. We formed in 2014 and band members currently play or have played with the likes of Orangadang!, The Franti Project, Bacon, and The Harris Collection in the Quad Cities area on the borders of Iowa and Illinois. Current Members are Michael Brock on Percussion, Leland Chasey on Bass, Dan Kelly on Keyboards, Ben Swanson on Drums, and Luke Thiele on Guitar.