2016 Dawn and On Festival

Dawn and On Festival Returns for Second Year

In 2015 The Dawn’s inaugural Dawn and On Festival drew more than 1,000 music fans to Len Brown’s North Shore Inn. The one-day festival was such a success, that the popular Quad Cities Jam band plans to host another all-day event at the Moline location on Saturday, July 9.

There is a slight change to this year’s lineup, as regional and national touring acts Soap, Driftless Sisters, and Joe Marcinek have been added to the bill. The Candymakers return, and The Dawn will again headline the event.

DAO Headliner: The Dawn

The Dawn - 10:30 PM

For over 10 years, the Western Illinois based roots rock/jam band "The Dawn" has been spreading their love of cutting edge improvisational rock throughout the Midwest. From their humble beginnings in the shadow of the Mississippi River, they have crafted out their place as one of the premier up and coming jam bands.

DAO Artist: Soap

Soap: 8:30 PM

A fusion of highly danceable rock, intricate song craftsmanship and psychedelic funk. Set out to make every show inspiring. Imagine going to a double matinee showing of Led Zeppelin & P-Funk at Dream Theater and then heading to an Amsterdam discotheque to dance until the sun came up. That's about as close as can be described without seeing Soap for yourself.

DAO Artist: The Candymakers

The Candymakers - 7:15 PM

The Candymakers are a Rock N' Soul band with the traditions of old-school R&B and funk. This young band offers a sound that is contemporary, yet keeps the essence of music past. Though the band is known for its soulful male vocalist, it is anchored by the collaborative genius of its blues driven guitarist and funky rhythm section. Often joined by a rotating cast of horn players and vocalists, the band can be seen with up to 12 members on stage.

DAO Artist: River Valley Rangers

River Valley Rangers - 6:00 PM

DAO Artist: Driftless Sisters

Driftless Sisters - 5:00 PM

DAO Artist: Winterland

Winterland - 4:00 PM

Winterland consists of five Iowa City musicians: drummer/vocalist Joshua Weiner, a biology professor at the University of Iowa; vocalist and guitarist Marc Janssen; and three members of The Mayflies, guitarist/vocalist Stacy Webster, bassist David Lumberg and drummer James Robinson.

Have Your Cake

Have Your Cake - 3:00 PM
Calling all Cake fans! Catch the greatest thing since Cake itself Saturday at Dawn and On!

Five members from other local bands and projects including Ragaman, Orangadang! and Maylane joined forces to create Have Your Cake, which plays the music of Cake and covers other tunes in Cake's style.

"We love Cake," said band member Adam Vilmont, of Davenport, who is on lead vocals, guitar and vibraslap.